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  1. BitBucket

    SOLD! 5 used ATX Slab Beadlock wheels with Nitto 37x12.50x17 Trail Grapplers mounted

    5 ATX series Slab Beadlock wheels used in great condition. All socket head cap screws and center caps perfect, beadlock rings have a little rock rash. Wheel is a 17X9 wheel with a 3.5” backspacing with a 5 on5 bolt pattern. Mounted Nitto 37x12.50x17 Trail Grapplers have some tread left, no...
  2. BitBucket

    Dana 44 diff cover

    I need a replacement weep hole bolt. Anybody know where I can get one? Sent from my SM-G975U using WAYALIFE mobile app
  3. BitBucket

    2014 Rubicon front wheel hub assemblies

    I am getting ready to replace my front wheel hub assemblies. Any thoughts on what is good to use? I have read that the Timkens are the way to go but may have short speed sensor cables. There is also a Dana Spicer 30/44 wheel hub assembly out there. Any thoughts, experience, or input would...
  4. BitBucket

    2014 engine on, in park, console click when brake is depressed

    Just got my car washed and now when jeep is in park and I depress brake pedal a loud click comes from the console/shfter area. This has never happened before. I think it is the solenoid / interlock thing that allows me to shift out of park with the brake depressed. Anybody experience this? So...
  5. BitBucket

    Evo sliders on a 4 door question

    Anybody have any measurements before I weld them to the frame?
  6. BitBucket

    2014 Rubicon JKU take offs @ 27K miles - Orange County California

    Wayalife members if you want any of it let me know. Free ti pick up if you need any of it: 2 front lower control arms left and right 1 rear bumper 1 front bumper, air dam, and bumper body spacer Gone - 5 wheels/tires/tpms Gone - 2 Rubicon rock rails perfect original condition Gone - 4 Rubicon...
  7. BitBucket

    Track bar help

    Put on the evo drag link flip kit but can't get my trackbar to line up. It is 1/2 inch longer then where the holes line up. Help
  8. BitBucket

    Wave from So Cal

    Trabuco Canyon Area and been on the forum a while, thought I waved before! If so, well it doesn't hurt to wave twice :rock:
  9. BitBucket

    EVO Enforcer 4" lift on 2014 JKU

    Going to do the install this weekend, plan on following the EVO instructions but anybody have any "watch out for" or "this worked better" comments for me? :thumb:
  10. BitBucket

    EVO sliders question

    Does anybody run the EVO sliders without skins? Also if I run the lower angle EVO sliders does that reduce the need for skins to protect the body and can skins be added later with the lower angle sliders? Any input would appreciated, Thanks!
  11. BitBucket

    Shout out from SOCAL - Trabuco Canyon

    Just virtual waving! Have a 2014 JKU for a year now mostly stock. Been jeeping for 5 years with friends. Saw a ton of great people and rigs at the Subs and Suds in Irvine a couple of weeks ago.
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