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  1. Hightower

    38's - Are They the New 37?

    Not for me thank you. 40’s are the new 37 and I like my 40’s. Much love and health to all.
  2. Hightower

    What started your passion for the off-road Jeep lifestyle?

    My passion for off roading started at the farm driving my uncles trucks around feeding pigs and cattle. It then progressed with my job working in the oilfield to were I needed a capable truck to get back and forth to work. But my passion for Jeeps didn't start until I saw a picture of Brian...
  3. Hightower

    ROADSIDE AMERICA : Awesome Roadside Stops Along the Way!

    Here is a picture of an army surplus store in Idaho Falls I stop at heading North and south. I have worked between Mile Marker 1 and nearly 200 on the Alaska hi-way and of course the best place for breakfast in Moab the Moab Dinner. Great idea for a thread Eddie
  4. Hightower

    Where did your Jeep take You this Week?

    Know where because she is packed up 2000 miles south of me!😥
  5. Hightower

    Does Google maps show your rig

    Here is a picture off Google :eek: of my Jeep and truck from a few years ago.:thumb: Post your pick from Google of your rig or something cool.:rock:
  6. Hightower

    Getting Ready/ Storage / Hiding Spots

    I am always curious to see how other people ready their rigs for a run or a long trip. What do you bring on either a short run or a long haul? Do you have places you like to store belts, certain tools, gear or clothing for easy access. If you have pictures all the better. I would show you...
  7. Hightower

    Favorite wheeling pics and poser shots

    I picked this as my best poser shot because I still needed a lot of help locking my hubs.. :doh::doh::doh::cheesy:
  8. Hightower

    Wayalife Sticker!

    Look what I found today! This is the first Wayalife sticker I've seen in a Calgary.
  9. Hightower

    Happy Halloween

    Let's see your jack o lantern
  10. Hightower

    LoD Signature bumper & tire carrier

    For sale LoD Signature rear bumper & tire carrier with RotoPax / gas can mounts $550. The bumper is at EVO getting some work done. The bumper will be ready to pick up mid November.
  11. Hightower

    Show Off Your Fall Colors!!

    The Alberta Rocky Mountains
  12. Hightower

    Nitto EXO Grappler

    I have looked at a few website including Discount Tiree and Nitto and I do not see Exo Grappler in a 37 x 12.5 or 13.5 x 17 anyone have any information if Nitto is planning on releasing this tire in one or both of those sizes? :thinking::thinking:
  13. Hightower

    Rear bumper needs to hold a 40" tire

    Drew Do you have these straps in Canada red? attached is a picture for your reference! Lol Driver driver GAS! WAYALIFE mobile app
  14. Hightower

    Rear bumper needs to hold a 40" tire

    At Christmas maybe I need to have a (barn raising) cabinet moving BBQ. I supply beverages, meat and salad you guys come with tools strong backs ideas of how to make it work. Driver driver GAS! WAYALIFE mobile app
  15. Hightower

    Rear bumper needs to hold a 40" tire

    I need some help guys I want to replace my LoD rear bumper / tire carrier I am starting to have DTD installed and want something simple and strong. My first choice would be EVO TIRE carrier but it doesn't fit in the garage and it has to fit into the garage no questions. I want small as possible...
  16. Hightower

    What did Brown Santa show up with today..

    EVO Bump rear bump stops, I been wanting them for awhile and finally pulled the pin. Driver driver GAS! WAYALIFE mobile app
  17. Hightower


    I've been working all summer no wheeling since EJS in the spring. ;-(
  18. Hightower

    What was done to your rig this week?

    I did quite a bit this week 1) new shoes, 2) new tube doors, 3) mirrors. Driver driver GAS! WAYALIFE mobile app
  19. Hightower

    Watcha cookin'?

    here is a picture of the ribs! Yummy Driver driver GAS! WAYALIFE mobile app
  20. Hightower

    What state do you really belong!

    Quiz. I'm Texas my wife is Iowa.
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