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  1. bobfriesenhahn

    Synthetic Winch Line

    Is nap time over yet?
  2. bobfriesenhahn

    New member from Arizona

    Welcome from (periodically) Pine Arizona, but mostly from Dallas Texas.
  3. bobfriesenhahn

    Wave from Tennessee

    Welcome from Dallas Texas and Pine Arizona.
  4. bobfriesenhahn

    Synthetic Winch Line

    Yeah, that one. This one is more fitting with the "Factor 55 way".
  5. bobfriesenhahn

    Synthetic Winch Line

    I believe you are supposed to cut off the metal loop and weave a natural loop. Less metal is better.
  6. bobfriesenhahn

    Hello from Oregon

    Welcome from Texas and Arizona. Northern Oregon is a good place!
  7. bobfriesenhahn

    Dale's 2021 JT sport build not named yet

    This should be a lesson to not do good things.
  8. bobfriesenhahn

    Tired of the Jeep leaving me stranded, help me value it so I can sell it

    Snorkels are also useful for dust. There is less dust at the height snorkel inlets are positioned, and the good ones have a pre-filter. Modern jeeps are not as good with deep water as old Land Rover, etc, because everything is full of electronics.
  9. bobfriesenhahn

    “Active” member?

    Probably one becomes 'active' by wheeling with Eddy over huge rocks or a 10 foot waterfall.
  10. bobfriesenhahn

    “Active” member?

    The main thing I have encountered is with products for sale which are offered to active members only.
  11. bobfriesenhahn

    “Active” member?

    I am not 'active' in that I can not see/participate in 'active member' things in the forum. Apparently being a pest is not sufficient. 🙄
  12. bobfriesenhahn

    “Active” member?

    How long (years, posts, etc) do we need to be continually active before the forum makes us active? I mostly see forum old-timers being 'active' and wonder if newer members will ever become active.
  13. bobfriesenhahn

    Show us your spiders

    The brown recluse is much more dangerous than the black widow since it bites much more often. When I grew up outside of San Diego we sometimes had thousands of black widows but we never got bit. A couple of times I had large ones run up inside my pant leg and I would get them out by jumping up...
  14. bobfriesenhahn

    Random Photos

    People are obviously stocking up on survival goods. With Biden unleasing the national oil reserves there will be a panic.
  15. bobfriesenhahn

    Jeep Pushing the 2.0

    37 is better for your mileage (EPA likes that) so it is also better for global warming. If you run 36 then you should also plant a tree in order to offset the damage done to our planet.
  16. bobfriesenhahn

    The BEST Internet Expert Advice I've Been Given

    Uranus. Yes it is still a planet but that is a topic of some discussion after losing Pluto already.
  17. bobfriesenhahn

    New member from Texas

    I see that you are from Bandera Texas. I have fond memories of staying at a ranch near Bandera, Texas when I was much younger.
  18. bobfriesenhahn

    How to treat rust??

    Bagdad, Arizona to be precise. 😃
  19. bobfriesenhahn

    New member from Texas

    Welcome from Dallas Texas (and Pine, Arizona)
  20. bobfriesenhahn

    Hello from Wickenburg

    Nope, just prefer to avoid the huge highways as much as possible.
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