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  1. p38

    Posting a video of a Hit & Miss Engine

    I tried - unsuccessfully, to post a video of an old Hit & Miss engine running at my nephew' yard sale. Don't know if anyone would be interested, but it's a cool old engine and it sounds great. I could email the video if someone is interested in either seeing or posting it.
  2. p38

    Bandoola - Moab Roll-over

    OK, here's the details and pictures of the roll-over on "High-Dive" this past April at Moab. I was on the trail "Behind The Rocks" with a group of very experienced drivers, extremely capable rigs, and an excellent spotter. This was my 3rd trip to Moab, and honestly I had avoided this trail in...
  3. p38

    Magazine Articles - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    The Good: "Hey, your jeep is kinda cool - has anyone done an article about it?" Those were the words of photo-journalist Mercedes Lilienthal, when we met at Moab this past April. The result of that meeting is a multi page article in this month's issue of "Tread". Complete with pictures, it...
  4. p38

    M38A1 or Early CJ5 Windsield Frame

    I am looking for either an M38A1 or early CJ5 windshield frame. My Safari Windshield took the brunt of my rollover at Moab; and though we are considering repair, the quickest solution to returning to the road would be a replacement. All offers will be considered. Thank you
  5. p38

    Airing Down Devices

    I have a set of auto-deflators, but they don't always hit the preset value. There are quite a few devices available, both auto and manual - which one would be the best? Thank you
  6. p38

    Winch Line - which is best/strongest

    I have a rebuilt/modified - new gears, upgraded motor - 8274 mounted on my jeep. The jeep weighs approximately 5,000lbs. I slid sideways off a fire trail when a section of the cut broke away. We got a chain back to one of the dozers to keep my jeep from sliding the rest of the way down the...
  7. p38

    Death Valley - Thanksgiving

    Thinking of going to Death Valley over the Thanksgiving holiday; any suggestions on trails or any organized runs? Thanks
  8. p38

    Rock-slide retractable steps

    The boys in the shop either figured I was getting too old, got tired of watching me climb up via a tire, got concerned I'd break another leg getting out of it - or all three; but they replaced the tube rock sliders with electrically actuated "concealed" steps from Rock-slide. They look good and...
  9. p38

    M38A1 Safari Wiindshield

    Safari windshield rebuilt and installed on my 1953 M38A1.
  10. p38

    Safari Windshield for my M38A1

    The end to a years long search draws near. Since seeing one years ago, I have been searching for a Safari Windshield. I understand they are also referred to as an Export or Ventilated Windshield. Through the generosity of my friend Frank E., I was given a (mostly) complete restorable example...
  11. p38

    Wide tires - mud flaps vs fenders

    With the transition to 40's and off-set wheels, practically the entire width of each tire is completely outside the fenders/body. I stay off the freeways, but still have the occasional drive by encounter with local police, sheriff, and CHP. Although I have not been stopped, I figure it's just...
  12. p38

    Holley Sniper Question

    We are experiencing some issues with a Holley Sniper system and are wondering if anyone else is having the same problems. The Sniper is installed on a Chevy 383. The two issues are: (1) erratic idle - the system will work fine, then when you release the throttle the idle will not return to...
  13. p38

    53 M38A1 - Finished (I think - maybe)

    Well, after 4 years of modifying, trial and error, "Why didn't you this?", and education - so I could answer "Why didn't you do this?" I think I am at the end of major modifications. I will not rule out changes to creature comforts. The latest changes were: engine - out with the 350, in...
  14. p38


    I decided to try Maxxis "Sticky" Treps, so we put a set on for this year's EJS in Moab. All I can say is - wow. Those things stick like glue. Once you get them up to temp - you feel like Spider-man. Of course, they stick to the highway and garage floor as well. I was going to leave them on...
  15. p38

    Maxxis treps vs creepy crawlers

    I am currently running 37" Treps on Hutchinson bead locks. I air down to 8 psi for crawling on hard rock. At Rubicon, Fordyce, and Moab - I experience the same problem - sliding on off-camber sections. I am considering going to creepy crawlers. Has anyone had this same problem? What did you...
  16. p38

    Roll-bar mounted lights

    Any suggestions/advice - do's or don'ts, for roll-bar mounted lights? Thanks, g
  17. p38

    YJ Top and doors

    My niece's boyfriend just bought a YJ project. Says he is looking for a top and doors. He is in Reno, I am in the Napa Valley. Anyone in either of those areas with any or both of those items for sale - please let me know. Thank you, g
  18. p38

    Custom T shirts

    Not certain this is the correct forum - please accept my apologies if it isn't. Does anyone have experience or know where I can get some T shirts with a custom logo? I would like both lettering and a picture. Thank you
  19. p38

    Coil over - 1953 M38A1

    My 1953 M38A1 has been back on the road for a couple of years and we've decided it's time for some upgrades. The 5 lug Dana44/60s will be replaced by 8 lug 60/60. The Allied bead locks will be replaced by Hutchinsons, and I might go with a bit larger tire. If we have time before Moab, the...
  20. p38

    Moab Jeep Safari April 2017

    Going to Moab for the jeep safari, 8-16 April 2017. First trip to Moab, trailering my jeep from Calif. Any suggestions/cautions/advice for the trip or the safari. Registration for the trails does not open until the 31st of this month. Anyone else planning on driving out from Calif?
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