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  1. Magellanjenn

    Get well soon crippledpetey

    We have been pre-occupied lately. I have refrained from commenting since it's not my battle to fight and none of my business to get involved ;) like Eddie said its between him and Rox. Hope everyone has a beautiful Wednesday and see u off road...once we get Dr.'s clearance[emoji2]
  2. Magellanjenn

    Hard Rock sport cage padding

    I love my sport cage. I am not sure if I was sent the wrong covers for my windshield header bars but the covers are about 3 inches too long. I trimmed the foam but then put the covers on and they were too long. Do I need to try something else? Anyone else have this issue?
  3. Magellanjenn

    2013 JKUR Hard Top-NorCal

    2013 JKUR hardtop 14 months old but only used for about 4 of those months. Includes stock bag for the front panels. Will include ceiling lift-never installed. Willing to meet half way (within reason) and switch off my jeep onto yours. Always stored in garage covered with a sheet. This lift...
  4. Magellanjenn

    2 sets rubi rails- nor cal

    We still have 2 sets of 2013 JKUR rails for sale ;). Let me know if u are interested.
  5. Magellanjenn

    Magellan Build

    We did it!!! About a month ago we became a dual rig household!!! It has been about 10 years since we sold our '72 Bronco and we are finally getting back into the sport. I sure have missed it!! My husband Crippledpetey bought his white JKUR in November and I instantly got the itch. He...
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