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  1. Midnsped

    1964 m38a1

    So, my son and I have been toying with the idea that his first car should be a project for both of us. He really enjoys my Jeep, so we figured maybe we could find a junkyard project to work on and get running by the time he is of age (he turns 14 in May, so we have some time to work with). I...
  2. Midnsped

    FS: Warn Winch Plate and VDP end caps

    Warn winch plate PN88140. All associated hardware and installation instructions included. VDP endcaps. Nothing wrong with either item, just went a different route for my front bumper. Prefer local pick-up in Yuma, AZ. I can meet up within reasonable distance. Sent from my iPhone using...
  3. Midnsped

    Warn 9.5TI

    I stumbled upon a used Warn 9.5TI at a local offroad shop. The owner made me a deal (I think), so I picked it up. Needless to say it was a target of opportunity. Does anyone have any experience with this winch? Pros/Cons? Thanks. Sent from my iPad using WAYALIFE mobile app
  4. Midnsped

    Free parts

    1 set of Rubicon rails 4 Rubicon shocks Front springs All parts were removed at 18,000 miles. Local pick-up in Yuma, AZ. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  5. Midnsped

    Wave from Yuma

    Just purchased my Rubicon in January after the VW diesel gate. I'd say all in all it was a win. I scoured this community forum for info that led to deciding on our new addition. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  6. Midnsped

    JKS coilovers

    First post. The VW deiselgate worked in my favor, so I am the recent owner of a '16 Rubicon JKU. I have been looking at lift kits, and JKS has caught my eye. I was perusing their site, and noticed they are working on a coilover setup. I know they unveiled it at the Easter Jeep Safari. Just...
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