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  1. MedixJK


    Anyone have experience running an elocker to a switchpros system? The switchpros system is simple, but the harness that comes with the elocker is confusing and not what i was expecting.... Its an eaton elocker if that matters
  2. MedixJK

    Drivetrain/regear question

    So in the next month or so, i plan on having a rear locker installed, as well as regearing the rear. I also plan on installing a new front axle, already locked and geared the way itll need to be. Question is, if the rear is being done at a shop, and the fronts being done at my house, whats the...
  3. MedixJK

    Quick disconnect for firestik

    Any using this or know which one works well? Seems my new garage door is shorter than my current one so the rig wont fit with the firestik connnected.
  4. MedixJK

    37" tire width... 12.5 or 13.5?

    37" tire width... 12.5 or 13.5? I couldnt find a convo about this anywhere so id like to hear your thoughts, opinions and reasoning as to why you would prefer one over the other. Edit: let me add that they would probably be going on a non-beadlock wheel with a width of 8.5-9". BS on those...
  5. MedixJK

    FEELER: 35" Toyo MT and Rubicon Wheels

    Ill be selling my wheels and tires twords the end of the month. 35x12.50r17 Toyo open country M/T and factory rubicon wheels. 4 have been used and wheeled like jeeps should be. Tread on 4 tires measures about 7/16". The 5th tire and wheel is brand new and has never touched the road. Havent...
  6. MedixJK

    Gear set help!

    Ok so im trying to get a definitive answer to this... heres the run down... Currently i have a 2012 jku sport. Ill be switching out the front axle to a 44 (dynatrac hoprfully) and putting a eaton elocker in the rear while regearing all at the same time. A fellow wayalifer has given me a set of...
  7. MedixJK

    FEELER: WTB (possibly) take off front d44

    As stated, i may be interested in picking up a front factory d44 to swap into my rig in the next month or so. If anyones looking at getting rid of theirs, let me know.
  8. MedixJK

    Jeep plates

    Maybe i should know this, but why do people censor out their plates in photos?
  9. MedixJK

    RIP Frank Currie

    Just saw that Frank Currie passed away a few days ago. Sad to see such a pioneer in the drivetrain industry gone.
  10. MedixJK

    Garage Heat- what does everybody use?

    Like the title says, im looking to see what people are using to heat their garage to make it not so miserable during the winter months. Mine us insulated, so it holds heat well. I see several heater types, but some of them are designated as "outdoor only". Id love to see what everyone else is...
  11. MedixJK

    Wheel spec question

    When shopping wheels for a JK, what should i be looking for in terms of bore size? Im not very familiar with what will work and what wont...
  12. MedixJK

    Need some expert input

    So for a while now ive been weighing some options. Long story short, my rig is at a pivotal point in the build where the downfalls of owning a sport come to light. Im at a point where to progress, its time for axles, lockers etc... So my question is, do i keep chipping away at the upgrades? Or...
  13. MedixJK

    JKU trektop NX trade for factory soft top

    Looking to trade my trektop nx to someone for their factory soft top. No damage. No leaks.
  14. MedixJK

    Bumper/Grill lighting

    With a new bumper going on the rig in the next few days, im looking do something different with off road lighting. I currently have a-piller round leds and i hate them there. Too much glare off of a white hood. Id like to either move them somehow to the bumper, or go with a small light bar...
  15. MedixJK

    Feeler: Rugged Ridge stubby bumper

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Rugged ridge stubby front bumper. Powder coated black. Welded d-ring tabs. Mounts for factory fog lights. I have added the matching Rugged ridge hoop. Let me know if interested. Lots more pics in my build thread.
  16. MedixJK

    FREE: factory rear bumper

    On the slim chance that somebody needs a factory rear JK bumper, mines going in the dumpster unless somebody wants it.
  17. MedixJK

    The things kids say...

    I have two young boys (4 and 1) and sometimes they say the funniest shit. Im sure several others on here have kids that do the same so post up all that innocent humor. Ill given an example I sat down on the picnic table today and my 4y/o says, dad, that table is for glasses, not for asses...
  18. MedixJK

    Factory Rubicon wheels

    This is probably a shot in the dark, but id really like to sell my wheels or trade them to a decent set of aftermarket wheels with less back spacing. Theyre in great condition. Let me know if interested.
  19. MedixJK

    Demolished phone

    Turns out that a 35x12.50 Toyo will indeed crush a cellphone laying on the garage floor. If you had my number, text me because i lost all of mine.
  20. MedixJK

    Coast front driveline info

    Can someone running a Coast front driveline on a JK tell me how much slip-shaft spline is showing at ride height?
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