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  1. RodCyn

    Is this becoming a trend?

    Is it me? But it seems that there has been more posts of late, in the "for sale" section, by new members who are (apparently) only here to sell their stuff. Now, I'm not one to pass up a good deal, but we're a community here, not craigs list. Am I wrong? :thinking: (thinking out loud)
  2. RodCyn

    Fiat based "Baby Jeep"
  3. RodCyn

    LoD Full Width Front Bumper / Pick Up Only - SoCal

    SOLD LOCAL SALE ONLY. SoCal Area. NOT PREPARED TO SHIP, Sorry. 2007-2013 Jeep JK Full-Width Front Bumper, with optional skid plate and winch guard. *2012/2013 require vacuum relocation bracket Minor Rock Rash, but can be covered with a little "Rattle Can" treatment. This is a solid bumper...
  4. RodCyn

    There's Always Someone...

    Who can't follow the rules :doh:
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