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  1. mkjeep

    Wrecks suck

    I know I haven't been on here in awhile, making a living gets in the way abit. A dumbass pulled out in front of me at an intersection . I had a green light and was doing 40-45mph, he apparently had a green light but no arrow to turn in front of me on his side. There another car he was trying to...
  2. mkjeep

    Happy Birthday Marines!!!!!

    Semper Fi! 1988-1996 Sgt. Myers
  3. mkjeep

    Lil vacation pic

    My wife, me and daughter spent Christmas in a lil cabin at Tannehill State Park in Alabama... It started to sleet alittle so daughter was catching pieces with her tongue. Wasn't snow but better than nothing.
  4. mkjeep

    My old 07

    Moab EJS 2011
  5. mkjeep

    Howdy from La.

    mkjeep is here......:crazyeyes:
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