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  1. Hack12

    Jeep Wrangler Door Thieves on the Loose in NJ!

    If you live near the Vineland, NJ area, beware of Jeep Wrangler door thieves that have been going on quite a spree as of late. Here's the article:
  2. Hack12

    Hack's 2000 XJ Build Thread

    After hijacking Eddie's PLAN C Thread for long enough, I've decided to start my own build thread for my recently acquired 2000 XJ. As many of you already know, and much to everyone's disappointment, I traded in my 2008 JK about 6 months ago. I had finally had enough of it's sluggish 3.8L engine...
  3. Hack12

    2000 XJ Leak?

    Can anybody help me identify what this part is that is leaking?
  4. Hack12

    New Hampshire GTD 2014

    New Hampshire GTD 2014 - MOVIE! New Hampshire Go Topless Day 2014 Saturday - May 10th, 2014 Backwoods Farm :driving: Rumney, NH I've finally finished the movie documenting our trip to New Hampshire last weekend and, though I had to compress the file and sacrifice a bit of quality, I'm still...
  5. Hack12

    Track bar?

    I found a brand new Rubicon Express adjustable track bar (RE1673) on craigslist and got the guy down to $50. The track bar is listed for 3.5" and higher. I currently have the RE 2.5" installed. 1. Will this even fit? 2. Is this something I even need or am I just forcing it because of the low...
  6. Hack12

    OEM Sway Bar Links *FREE*

    I have a set of OEM rear sway bar links that I will give away to anyone local. If you aren't local I'll only ask for the cost of shipping. Links are in good shape and can also be used on the front with 2-3" lift.
  7. Hack12


    This thing is pretty cool!
  8. Hack12

    Newest edition to the family!

    After decades of being a Jeep family and owning everything from Grand Cherokees, to Cherokees, to Wranglers, I think my father finally got sick and tired of looking at my JK and not owning anything with a Jeep logo on it himself. Though he isn't as extreme as most of us, I'm happy to say that...
  9. Hack12

    Rigid Industries 20" E/SR Series Hood Light Bar Mount

    SOLD!!! I've recently decided to sell the 20" LED light bar on my hood and the corresponding Rigid Industries mounts that secure it. I already have a home for light bar and now I'm looking to find one for the mounts. They will mount onto the existing hood hinges of any 2007-2014 JK or JKU...
  10. Hack12

    Oil Leak Around Axle Knuckle?

    Just had my rotors/pads and ball joints replaced last week and recently I noticed a few drops of oil on the ground next to my front driver's side tire. As you can see in the pictures I've included, there is a decent amount of oil built up on the lower portion of the knuckle, on the topside and...
  11. Hack12

    Tie Rod Replacement?

    So, I just got a call from my mechanic telling me that my JK was ready to be picked up after having new rotors, pads, and ball joints installed. All easy stuff to do myself, I know, I just haven't had the spare time unfortunately. He also mentioned that, as I had asked him to earlier, he had...
  12. Hack12

    RamMount Universal Ipad Mount - $30.00 Shipped

    I am selling a RamMount Universal Ipad Mount that mounts to your Jeep using any existing factory seat bolt. The mount is assembled and in superb condition. I used it in my JK for a little over a year. I recently removed it because my 4 year old daughter has permanently commandeered my Ipad, and...
  13. Hack12

    Possible leak?

    Hey guys, just popped the hood today and noticed a little bit of fluid built up next to the power steering fluid reservoir and under the radiator fluid cap. My power steering fluid reservoir is full and my coolant reservoir seems to be a bit below the full line. There is no build-up of liquid on...
  14. Hack12

    Sell and Upgrade or Ride Her Into the Sunset? Help Me Decide!

    Lately I've been mulling over the idea of upgrading my 2008 Sahara JKU to a newer model (Pentastar) Rubicon JKU. My Sahara has about 72K miles on it and runs great. I know eventually I will be upgrading to a later model Rubi, but I'm just not sure when the best time would be. FYI, I still...
  15. Hack12


    2014 GO TOPLESS DAY - BACKWOODS FARM - NEW HAMPSHIRE WHERE: Backwoods Farm in Rumney, New Hampshire WHEN: Saturday, May 10th, 2014 - All Day Event Backwoods Farm 470 Route 25 Rumney, NH 03266 603-294-6292 It's that time of year again! The Jeep Go...
  16. Hack12


    I've always wanted to attend one of Eddy's Suds-n-Grub events, though I've never read about any close enough to us North-easterners to be feasible. Then it hit me, why not just host my own! Obviously, I have no clue what the level of interest will be but I'm truly hoping that a lot of you will...
  17. Hack12

    WANTED - Sexual Predator from Denver, CO Area - WANTED

    Please take a moment of your time and give this photo a look. A speedy apprehension could save a child's life. Authorities are searching for a violent sexual predator in the Denver metro area. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is looking for John Swietlicki. He is wanted for five counts of...
  18. Hack12

    Spontaneous Combustion RECALL!

    Well, this may be an older article but it seems Chrysler has finally been forced to address the spontaneous fires that have been reported by an unsettling number of JK owners. Here's an article on their reluctant action...
  19. Hack12

    CB & Antenna Questions

    Finally got my CB and Antenna installed and have no clue where to begin getting it to work properly. That's where you guys come in hopefully! I have a Uniden Pro 520 w/ an Astatic powered mic and a 3' Firestik antenna mounted on the back of my tub next to my tail lamp. Any suggestions you...
  20. Hack12

    33x12.50 Nitto Mud Grapplers & 18x9 Ion 179 Wheels

    SOLD! FOR SALE: Rhode Island Nitto Mud Grapplers Quantity---------5 Size-------------33x12.50x18 Height-----------32.95 Width-----------12.68 Load Rating------E Ply--------------10 These tires have been on my Jk for approximately 1 year (15k) and are in great condition. The 4 tires mounted...
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