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  1. Dale72

    Random Photos

    Back before Pilot bought Flying J the owner was on TV in Knoxville saying the reason Pilot was set up the way they were, was he wanted trucks to come in get what we needed and get the fuck out. He didn't want us even sleeping in the parking lot. They are set up for the regular traveling public...
  2. Dale72

    Random Photos

    I don't think so. I don't stop at Pilot/Flying J unless I have no other choice
  3. Dale72

    Random Photos

    Well it's better than the Flying J.
  4. Dale72

    Random Photos

    And to make it worse, it tasted like crap
  5. Dale72

    Random Photos

    This shit is getting out of hand. This same thing cost just over $16, 2 years ago
  6. Dale72

    Random Photos

    I have just over $900 a week that comes out of my paycheck off the top before I get paid every week and that doesn't include what I spend on fuel
  7. Dale72

    Random Photos

  8. Dale72

    Random Photos

    No getting poorer. As of this morning I'm $2100 in the hole at work because the truck payments and the insurance didn't stop. The only good thing is that my company won't take it all at once
  9. Dale72

    Random Photos

    I've seen a couple of them.
  10. Dale72

    Random Photos

    But what most people don't realize is when the gas and diesel prices go up so does the fuel surcharge on every load a truck hauls. Which means the prices go up on everything in stores
  11. Dale72

    Random Photos

    Yeah but I've been sitting at home for almost 3 weeks because of my truck being in the shop, the bank account is a little low
  12. Dale72

    Random Photos

    One day we will say enough is enough. This was $2.99 Friday
  13. Dale72

    Overland = Car Camping

    Guess I have been overlanding for 28 years in these
  14. Dale72

    FS : Evo tire carrier SOLD

    If I still had my JK I would get it
  15. Dale72

    Hello from North Carolina!

    Welcome from Mississippi. Was born in North Carolina
  16. Dale72

    Hello from Minnesota

    Welcome from Mississippi
  17. Dale72

    Diesel JT gearing

    I haven't looked at their website in a couple years since I bought my JL, and then it was just showing 5.38. With what I'm planning on doing with my JT I'm probably just going to change the front axle
  18. Dale72

    Hello new to the group

  19. Dale72

    Dale's 2021 JT sport build not named yet

    I noticed the other day when I was mounting the tires that the nitto 35's are not made in Georgia anymore. At least the Trail Grapplers are not
  20. Dale72

    Hi there

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