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    OEM Mounting Bolts/Nuts for Rock Rails/Running Boards

    I just found a set of OEM Rock Rails locally but the mounting nuts and bolts were not included. Does anyone have these laying around they'd be willing to part with? From what I can tell the same sizes are used from the JKU to the JLU. It would be a total of 12 nuts and 6 bolts. Thanks!
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    I finally did it!!!

    I've been a huge fan of this forum and the Wayalife family for a long time and we finally did it. We got a 2018 JLU Sport S!!! Hardtop, auto, 24s package, and technology package. Black top and fender flares. The redesign was friendly enough to accommodate my son's car seat and to allow us...
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    Considering a used Rubicon - thoughts?

    I have been looking to get an Unlimited Rubicon for 2 years now and the time is finally near. I found an all white 2015 Rubicon at a local dealer with 60k miles on it. It's loaded with the exception of leather which I don't care for anyway. My question is would you be comfortable buying this...
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