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  1. Whitarmy

    Re-Wave from San Antonio

    I wanted to wave again since I’ve been getting back into discussions on the forum. I was a member on the forum back in 2010 with my first jeep. Then I sold it in 2014 after getting T-boned and I quit logging on because it hurt to see others out wheeling and I no longer had a Jeep. Now I’m...
  2. Whitarmy

    Fog light integrated turn signals

    I was just curious if anyone has seen any fog lights that will replace the grill turn signals and still blink yellow when I turn on my turn signal. I have seen turn signals with a white halo. I am looking for a direct replacement fog light with a yellow halo to put in the grill. The reason...
  3. Whitarmy

    Pentastar engine cylinder chart

    Team, I have read through the forum and done a lot of googling but I cannot find an answer for which cylinder is what number on the new engine. I have a cylinder 1 misfire code on my 2014 Rubicon. So far I have replaced the spark plugs, ran a can of Seafoam through it and reflashed my tune...
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