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  1. 2007 JKU CANADA

    RIP Dusty Hill from ZZ top

    RIP Dusty Hill I have been listing to these guys since I was just a little guy. Defiantly a lot of Classic's
  2. 2007 JKU CANADA

    2007 JKU CANADA gets a new JL

    So I never thought I would be getting the new JL, but I had to sell my old jeep and was only Jeepless for a week and picked up my new JL yesterday I purchased a 2 door sting grey sport. I thought the jeep logo in the headlights was kinda cool my first ever brand new vehicle and couldn't be...
  3. 2007 JKU CANADA

    Cleaning your JEEP after a mud fest

    Hello there. I am a new (fresh catch) jeeper and have just went to my first mud fest (gopher dunes), and am looking for some tips and ideas for cleaning you engine compartment after a nice mud bath. Anyone with some ideas? Thank you in advance
  4. 2007 JKU CANADA

    WAVE from Soutern Ontario Canada

    Hello Ladies and Gents. Just wanted to give yall a wave from up here in CANADA. I am still new to this forum, with this being my first post. I have read a lot of other post on here that have helped me with a lot. Thank you for the info and some good laughs at the post I have read. :thumb:
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