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  1. agr1144

    Driving from Ouray to Moab - suggestions?

    This Saturday my father and I will be trailering my jkur out to Ouray from Maryland. We did this trip in 2013 and now we are going back for round 2. This time for my upcoming 40th birthday and my dad's 75th in Feb. Now I've been to Ouray then in 2013 and I've been to Moab twice. Although...
  2. agr1144

    Hello from Mt Airy, MD

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Currently on my 3rd jeep, a 2013 JKUR with the 10th anniversary package. I ordered it new in 2013 and it's my baby. Current mods are only a 2" BB, spidertrax wheel spacers, and an AEV carrier. Future mods will likely be a 3" enforcer and 35" toyos or...
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