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  1. Snboarder113

    95 jeep grand Cherokee

    I had a 95, it’s under the dash as normal where you expect it. It is obd1.
  2. Snboarder113

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    Wait y’all take your Jeep’s wheeling? Mine hasn’t seen so much as a gravel road in months 🤣
  3. Snboarder113

    Random (non-Jeep) Shit You’re Working On....

    I’ve got a post about this a few pages back. 80 hours on a jd tractor and the head gasket blew. They might as well have used aluminum foil it was absolute garbage material, perplexes me how they allowed a critical component to be that damn cheap.
  4. Snboarder113

    Ain't playin

    Can confirm for tj, I’m guessing newer models built better. But will pull the upper half off the welds eventually on tj full doors.
  5. Snboarder113

    Front Driveshaft Play

    Looks average to me. You’re rotating the pinion from the drive side to the coast side of ring gear. I don’t see anything excessive.
  6. Snboarder113

    Trigger S-Pod light when Jeep is in reverse?

    That’s how I did mine, different switch but same thing. Just tap the reverse 12+ in-line to tail light. Depending on your setup this will also turn on your tails reverse lights when you turn on the light at spod
  7. Snboarder113

    AZVAJKU Build

    Ha. That’s my new favorite saying. Good work.
  8. Snboarder113

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    Ha. Hadn’t seen that one yet
  9. Snboarder113

    Detailing your jeep

    You use that as a step or as the whole wash? On a different vehicle I could see using it as a wash but on a Jeep I feel like it couldn’t be more than quick detailer on an already mostly clean panel. It’s difficult to move that much dirt without scratching
  10. Snboarder113

    Differential oil change

    Beats 90% of owners lol
  11. Snboarder113

    Martha the TJ

    If only they made the rest of the frame that thick instead of just brackets.
  12. Snboarder113

    Ford Superduty Engines

    Careful sir... you're on a jeep site saying don't go overboard and buy IFS ....its literally what we do lmao The only thing I truly hate about the 150s is the god damn ceramic spark plugs, who the hell needed to reinvent the wheel in a way that you fuck up so much they built special tools to...
  13. Snboarder113

    Ford Superduty Engines

    IFS? Sacrilege! I'd go with the 6.7, know plenty of guys that run them up here in the snow without issue and don't need to be plugged in. Some do just because they like to pamper their trucks and warm up quicker. But yeah if you don't need the tow honestly the 150s aren't bad trucks either...
  14. Snboarder113

    Peddle Commander vrs. superchip pros and cons?

    Oh that’s fucking cute. Surrrrprise no pedal.
  15. Snboarder113

    Rear body mount nut

    Any time you touch a body mount bolt on any jeep, grab a torch and get that bitch HOT. Even a little blue tank propane torch. Then penetrating oil, before you even try to loosen it. Give it a few love taps with a hammer, THEN after all the things try to loosen it paying close attention to the...
  16. Snboarder113


    Harder to find someone thats had a good experience with them it seems.
  17. Snboarder113

    Has anyone done a JKL conversion on their 2 door?

    Probably. I don’t remember it that well. Just figured easier to take away metal then add it, structurally speaking.
  18. Snboarder113

    Has anyone done a JKL conversion on their 2 door?

    Who did the 4 door and shrank it? Quadratec? I remember it having a bad looking soft top with no side windows. I feel like that would be easier than stretching.
  19. Snboarder113

    JK seat belt retractor bolt tread size and pitch?

    Measure it when it shows up. You can also chase the threads with a bolt little bit of lube - in out in out in out. Til it goes in with little resistance. Who’s gonna be first to reply to that one?
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