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  1. trailraider

    Any metalheads on WOL?

    two wind generators are sitting out in a field, one says to the other "what type of music do you like?" the other answers" I'm a heavy metal fan"
  2. trailraider

    Favorite South Park scenes / clips

    I cant' beleive this one hasn't already been posted.
  3. trailraider

    Joke Thread

    this is a joke you have to tell not type but it will make your wife shake her head. what do you call a fish with no "eye"? fsh. its so bad, and actually I think I chuckle more at it then the person I tell it too. and now that I think about it maybe don't tell the joke , it's...
  4. trailraider

    The BEST Internet Expert Advice I've Been Given

    I carry 2 air down tools, inevitably there is always someone looking to borrow or taking the valve out. I would rather them use my extra then deal with looking for the core they blew away when they tried to reinsert while the tire was airing out.
  5. trailraider

    Super swamper's

    right now, the best tire is the one you can get. We just got notification from Toyo there are going to be huge gaps in their tire supply soon. Hankook is the same thing.
  6. trailraider

    Zeon winch question

    this right here, you think they would have thought of that before manufacturing a bumper. Why would you not design it to fit one of the most popular winches?
  7. trailraider

    FULL DISCLOSURE : YES - I do get "FREE" Stuff...

    send her my way, the last one was a bust. :ROFLMAO:
  8. trailraider

    The BEST "I HATE WAYALIFE" YouTube Video Comments

    I don't get it. this is literally a society that watches the people dumps buckets of water on people , eat tide pods or twerk. WTF? have we become as a species?
  9. trailraider

    CANCELED My AAA Premier Road Side Assistance - Think You're Covered? Think Again

    Never used or had AMA here. (Canadian equivalent where I am) . Years ago a friends uncle needed a tow, It was about a 600km, they basically said they would only tow to the nearest service station. He didn't except that. He basically stated he had the service for 20 some years and never used...
  10. trailraider

    How Long are You Willing to Wait for Jeep Parts?

    Yes. they have all been an issue. All my Mopar lifts are on backorder because of the Fox shocks not being available.
  11. trailraider

    Mystery Leak on JL Wrangler with Manual Transmission

    note, This manual trans uses ATF. UPDATE: sorry , the TSB I was thinking about was for a KL body line.
  12. trailraider

    JL JT Key Fob Range

    I can answer a few of these questions. proximity tuning is basically how it will work inside the vehicle but wont when you are standing out side. you can literally have it on the outside of the window and be inside and won't start. we get people all the time say the key was hanging on the...
  13. trailraider

    How Long are You Willing to Wait for Jeep Parts?

    17 months. I am willing to wait 17 fucking months. Ordered a hard top wire kit from Chrysler on January 9th 2020. Just arrived. thank goodness it wasn't for my Jeep.
  14. trailraider

    Thoughts on Mickey Thompson

    I was never a fan of them. They are terrible for the 9+ months of shit weather we have here.
  15. trailraider

    Rotopax or knock off options?

    you don't have issues with the gas stink inside your jeep?
  16. trailraider

    Rotopax or knock off options?

    its mounted to a plate I had made to hold stuff down . I mounted the rotopax holder to the plate .
  17. trailraider

    办理澳洲阳光海岸大学毕业证成绩单 University of the Sunshine Coast

    not sure , but I think he is speaking Australian.
  18. trailraider

    Anyone self quarantined? AKA - the 2020 SH!T SHOW

    :unsure: hmmmm, I guess time will tell. But they did test the stay at home orders.
  19. trailraider

    Anyone self quarantined? AKA - the 2020 SH!T SHOW

    technically it was the opposite of this, you got a star to not travel. they learned from history . don't mark the ones you are eliminating.
  20. trailraider

    10k with a 1/2 ton

    I wouldn't do more then the 80% mark on any towing.
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