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  1. Kuboske


    Beautiful, early, and I hope it lasts a long time this summer. I'd never want to leave the place.
  2. Kuboske

    Banks/Money Managment

    Bank branch manager told me theirs suffered large withdrawals. Many other "Main Street Farm Country " type banks, suffered this. I would assume it went home with MA and PA. Just what she told me.
  3. Kuboske

    Banks/Money Managment

    "everyday people". They then ran to their local bank and wanted to pull their savings out. That local bank lost multi-millions of losses the day after that news broke.
  4. Kuboske

    Banks/Money Managment

    Yes. That is true about the first couple. The problem she said was the way the MSN blew it up on their TV news shows scared "
  5. Kuboske

    Banks/Money Managment

    The last time I went to the bank, that was the limit they would let any customer take in one day. I used to withdraw more every Saturday morning without any raised eyebrows. I would need fuel money for two trucks and not need to Trigger a SAR. Besides the aggravation of being restricted, they...
  6. Kuboske

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to All Our Friends here on WAYALIFE

    Merry Christmas! And GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
  7. Kuboske

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

  8. Kuboske

    Questions about Ordering Axles

    I'm curious if King has caught their production up?
  9. Kuboske

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    Fixed it for you...
  10. Kuboske

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    Many times I wished for a similarly equipped Kenworth, when dealing with traffic.
  11. Kuboske

    AZVAJKU Build

    With the fleet you own, my problem would be deciding what set of keys to grab. I'm thinking the keys to the MOTECH muscle Jeep would always be with me. I guess you could throw them all into a bowl, close your eyes and grab a set.
  12. Kuboske

    What's going on here?

    Might be a cheap way to adjust for a worn out saggy spring.
  13. Kuboske

    Barn find...

    Wait a minute... I'm only 62 and I have several. This brand too. Guarantee if you millennial's told that 81 year old what people pay for coffee at Starbucks, he'd think them retarded.
  14. Kuboske

    Barn find...

    Father-in-law bought this old CJ-5 project awhile back. Very little rust and frame is fantastic. Half cab is kinda cool. Not bad for him to keep busy with. First Jeep for him. 81 years old and dedicated street rod builder his whole life. Built probably 25 top notch street rods and would sell...
  15. Kuboske

    PIZZA PLANET Crazy Tall Can-Am - SEMA 2022

    Yeah. Just add a spray bar to the front. And, occasionally inspect for cracks...
  16. Kuboske

    BIG TIRE GARAGE Shop Jeep YJ Truck - SEMA 2022

    YES! Love the YJ's.
  17. Kuboske

    MID 1980s Jeep Wagoneer - SEMA 2022

    A cool Clark Griswald, family truckster.
  18. Kuboske

    QUAKE - International Dually Bug

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