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  1. SkyRubi18

    Smittybilt air compressor 2781 5.65 CFM

    Selling the Smittybilt big air compressor with 5.65 CFM air output 4 months old probably used it 10 times only. 110$ Pickup if possible I’m located in SOCAL LA Area
  2. SkyRubi18

    SoCal Group

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  3. SkyRubi18

    Rear drive shaft slip on boot torn on evap canister (Warranty) yes or no?

    I was wondering since a lot of times this happened to almost all of us with the torn rear drive shaft slip on boot, because the evap canister is so close to it especially when you go wheeling, If anyone went to the dealership with that problem and what do they say warranty or not ? Thanks for...
  4. SkyRubi18

    Hello from SOCAL!!

    Hello just wanted to introduce myself real quick. I’m a Jeeper from LA area always looking forward to hitting a Trail and meeting cool people to have fun. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
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