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    D44 Carrier Damage

    No The oil was fine other than the water. I ran a magnet through it and didn’t get anything to speak of.
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    D44 Carrier Damage

    Has anyone ever seen grinding like this on a carrier? It is in a 2012JKUR. Everything seems to be working fine. I only opened it p because I got water in the oil.
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    Synergy 4034 Compressor Mount

    I have spent the last week looking for a bracket to mount a Viair compressor under the hood on the brake master cylinder. I am unable to find one in stock and I don’t really want to wait for one to ship in January. Would anyone be willing to take some measurements of theirs and share the...
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    Painted diff cover

    Not the first and won’t be the last one to paint their diff cover, here is my rendition.
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    Rubicon trail summer of 2022

    I would be interested in going. It’s only a 50 mile trip for me.
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    Hello from Sacramento Area

    Hello all. I’ve been out of the Jeep world for a while. I recently acquired a 2012 JK and look forward to hitting some new trails. All of my prior Jeeping experience has been in YJ’s in SoCal and Arizona. 2012 JKUR 4” Teraflex Long Arm Trussed front and rear 5.13 gears 37” tires on 17” wheels...
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