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  1. LAJK

    Evo 3” plush ride springs

    Looking to sell a set of brand new in box complete set front and rear 3” plush ride springs. I’ll let go for $350 will ship on buyers dime. located in grand junction Colorado
  2. LAJK

    Evo,Nitto,Psc parts

    Hey guys, I’ve got a few parts some might be interested in. I’m currently in the process of a 1 ton swap and the list of changes keeps growing. Which means that this thread will possibly grow as I take more parts off. (5) Nitto Trail Grapplers 38x13.50R20 tires have only 7k miles and the fifth...
  3. LAJK

    Dynatrac 60 install

    I’m currently in the process of installing dynatrac’s hardcore 60’s on my jk and have some questions. 1. What brake lines did others with dynatrac go with? 2. What gear fluid should I run once the break in period is up? 3. When breaking in the gears I’d assume that I drive with the front hubs...
  4. LAJK

    Dynatrac lug nuts

    I’m in the process of installing dynatrac hardcore 60’s on my jk and am currently looking for lug nut options. What others with these axles running?
  5. LAJK

    Dynatrac axle set

    Mopar half doors Looking to sell a complete set of 4 mopar half doors. These doors are in amazing condition. Come complete with power locks and mirrors. Painted hydro blue. Asking $3,500 Thanks for looking Possibly be selling a dynatrac hardcore 60/60 set also if anyone is interested.
  6. LAJK

    Wanted::: King 2.5 shocks

    Looking for a set of evo spec 2.5 king shocks. Front and rears for Jeep jk. Let me know what you’ve got. Thanks!
  7. LAJK

    What power steering fluid with PSC Big Bore

    I just received my psc big bore steering gear today and have a question about what fluid to run. I only ordered the steering gear at this time and plan on adding the pump later down the road. I’ve seen some just top off the system with mopar ATF and others who say you need to use the psc swepco...
  8. LAJK

    Timken wheel hubs

    I have a set of front Timken wheel bearings on my jk that I’ve had for alittle over a year now and recently started to have a a lot of traction control lights on. Went down to my local auto zone and read the codes and it reads a front right speed sensor. So my question is..... is it a...
  9. LAJK

    Jeep JKU Aftermarket Parts For Sale

    I’m needing to clean out the garage and figured you guys could possibly use some of these parts. Everything I’m selling came off my 08’ JKU and is in great condition with the exception of a small chip or scratch. Here’s a list of what I’ve got - Poison spyder narrow steel flares “complete with...
  10. LAJK

    diagnosing jeep jk vibration

    Hi guys, Ive been experiencing some kind of vibration coming from my jeep for quite sometime now. When driving it doesn’t begin to vibrate till around 30+mph and gets worse the faster I go. At first I thought it might be my tires but the vibration doesn’t come from the steering wheel as I can...
  11. LAJK

    Jeep JKUR Dana 44’s

    No longer for sale
  12. LAJK

    Jeep JKU Steering gear

    I’m selling my stock steering gear out of my 08’ JKU. There is absolutely no issues with the steering gear just upgrading to a PSC big Bore steering gear. Looking to get $350 + shipping located in Grand Junction Colorado
  13. LAJK

    Air Pressure Nitto ridge grapplers?

    I recently purchased a set of 37x12.50R17 ridge grapplers and want to find the perfect air pressure so you wear evenly. I'm currently running 35psi and was curious what others had them at???
  14. LAJK

    Cold air intake?

    Is a cold air intake worth the money for my 3.8l or should I save the couple hundred bucks and spend it else where on my build?
  15. LAJK

    Jeep jk dynomax exhuast

    I recently came across a great deal on a Dynomax quiet crawler exhaust. I want to purchase this exhaust but there is only one problem. It's fitted for a 2012 JKU and mines an 08' JKU. Would I still be able to run this exhaust?
  16. LAJK

    Hard Top Transportation

    Im going to pick up a hard top for my JKU and was conserned on what's the best way to haul it on a flat bed trailer? Has anyone done this? Any input would be appreciated
  17. LAJK

    Crawler conceptz hinged tire carrier

    I'm selling a crawler conceptz hinged tire carrier for a jeep jk. This carrier is in great condition and works flawless. It has been on my rig since July and is in perfect condition. I'm located in grand junction Colorado. Price is firm at $500 not willing to ship.
  18. LAJK

    Wanted: Warn Zeon winch cover

    I'm in search of both a warm Zeon winch cover and also a hi-lift jack boot cover. Let me know if you have eaither of the two
  19. LAJK

    Synergy JK Front Track Bar Mount $85

    I have a jeep JK synergy front bolt on raised track bar mount. I ran it for a month before installed an evo axle truss. Like new condition. Will ship on buyers dime.
  20. LAJK

    Synergy JK 5x5 wheel spacers $80

    I have a used set of synergy wheel spacers that I ran for about 3,000 miles before I got new wheels. If interested I can ship on buyers dime.
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