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  1. Alpine Warthog

    Help identifying a JK bumper?

    Found it. It's a Smittybilt XRC M.O.D. bumper.
  2. Alpine Warthog

    Help identifying a JK bumper?

    I'd have to agree. That's a dead ringer. Glad I didn't pay much for it. It'll suffice until I'm ready to drop real money on a beefier bumper. Thanks for the help!
  3. Alpine Warthog

    Help identifying a JK bumper?

    picked up a bumper for a JK but there's some missing parts and looks like there may have been a hoop available for it (or was) ANYone recognize this bumper? There's no marks, numbers or anything else on it. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Alpine Warthog

    CB Recommendations

    Just made the switch to GMRS, but I'm going to be installing a CB again soon so I'm covered wherever I am. Just have to figure out the ground plane thing. I'm running a fiberglass shell over the bed so that's gonna be interesting.
  5. Alpine Warthog

    Wave from Texas!

    Welcome! I'm in TEXAS all the time. West of San Antonio. Where do you hang your hat?
  6. Alpine Warthog

    Hello from Columbus, Ohio

    Hello from PA. just a couple of hours from ya
  7. Alpine Warthog

    PIZZA PLANET Crazy Tall Can-Am - SEMA 2022

    In general, I do to. But in this instance, I don't mind it. He's gotta match the movie as much as possible. It wouldn't have worked as well if it were all shiny and new lookin
  8. Alpine Warthog

    wire an on/off switch to play a song?

    SO, I've been rooting around the internet and I've found this board that might work. I'm not sure it will produce the volume I'm looking for but I might be able to hook it to a little amp to get some decent volume. My son has a pie that he's been...
  9. Alpine Warthog

    Hello from Oklahoma City

    Welcome! Have buddies stationed at Tinker! Spent 7+ years In Altus, OK myself. Definitely miss wheeling down there. sometimes even miss those red dirt roads. although not when they're wet!
  10. Alpine Warthog

    Duck left on my door handle

    my kids love ducking other jeeps. We had to calm it down since we went through a crazy amount of ducks in one day. So now, the jeep has to be "really" cool and not just something with a jeep logo. So house rules for us are: (All rules are subject to exception on extremely limited basis) NO...
  11. Alpine Warthog

    SEMA 2022 MEGA THREAD : On the GO Show Coverage

    Love the green and Bronze wheels. But being over 6 foot, I hate single cabs. Love my second row of seats.
  12. Alpine Warthog

    Hello from North TX and CO as much as possible

    Welcome! I'm new as well, have to ask, what do you call "North Texas"? I spent a lot of years in the South West corner of Oklahoma and some near San Antonio and both places had a different definition!
  13. Alpine Warthog

    TOYO Tires White Jeep Gladiator - SEMA 2022

    Yes. Very nice build. Don't care about carbon fiber. Pointless on a truck as heavy as the gladiator but the rest of if is all cool
  14. Alpine Warthog

    BODY GUARD Red Ford Bronco - SEMA 2022

    wow. just when I thought I wanted to go to SEMA next year, I see this
  15. Alpine Warthog

    FITTIPALDI FORGED Jeep Gladiator - SEMA 2022

    all that cool. destroyed by stupid wheels and an even dumber hitch
  16. Alpine Warthog

    FURY Pink Jeep JL Wrangler - SEMA 2022

    LOVE this. This is the jeep that will get my girl to finally get a wrangler
  17. Alpine Warthog

    wire an on/off switch to play a song?

    I can see hooking that up to my horn button
  18. Alpine Warthog

    wire an on/off switch to play a song?

    YES! you are on the right track Sir, but since I don't have a huey, I have to make due with a song, and a napalm scented air freshener LMAO
  19. Alpine Warthog

    ACC BAR : The NEW & Improved WAYALIFE CB BAR

    YES, I'm gonna wait for the new bar now!
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