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    I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me...

    That’s creepy! Someone will figure a code to turn it off and make $ for it.
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    VIDEO : CRAZY About the 8

    Great video! Love the edits and music. Loved the ride home, nice scenery. Oh the 392 is great too, but Moby is still my favorite.
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    Whiskey of the Day

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    Awesome Solar Powered Rock Lights Only $5 Each!

    So we line them up on each side of the trail and go. :). did you buy any? Might have to go shopping.
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    Big Ben's Big Mojave

    Congratulations sir!!!
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    FOR SALE : Trail Buds 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited - SOLD

    Thanks everyone for the comments. Many great memories came the trips it took me on. Take care.
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    SHOW us the SNOW!!

    Happening now! Weird day.
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    late happy birthday!!
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    Please Don't be a Jeff Prevett - Thank You

    He a fucking stalker.
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    VIDEO : A Timeless Good Time - Swamp Lake Trail

    Great video. Times then were fun with such a great group. loved seeing Tessa, I miss her.
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    VIDEO : Starting a New Year of Wheeling Right - 2022 WAYALIFE Kick Off Run

    Nice video!! Sorry to see Carl had trouble.
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