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I come from 30 plus years of lowered cars. So you can find me still trying to miss anything in the road that is considered a bump. I came across my Jeep by seriously good fortune and feel like I was gifted with a present. My 2019 JL will probably be the car I die with :) I bought it used and it was 95% complete with all the mods I was looking to change to by its previous owner. My wife drives a modified 4x4 toyota tacoma that was my first dip into taking a car up in the air instead of down. It is an amazing vehicle, but driving a Jeep off road is cheating!!!!! Such a capable vehicle, fun to drive, and comfortable when things get rough. My car serves as a means to an end in that it gets me to my destination, which is often very remote. One of my passions is canyoneering. The places the canyons are located are usually very remote in areas not many people visit. So having a vehicle that can get through anything is very comforting when you have no cell signal and the closest road is 40 miles away :) If there are any folks who want to go canyoneering lets setup a trip to get on a rope and get our Jeeps on the terrain they love the most - DIRT!!!!!!
San Diego
Off-Road Vehicle
2019 Jeep JL Unlimited Sport S
Favorite Trail
Anything in Borrego
JL Unlimited Sport S - AKA "Tank"
Granite Crystal Metalic
  1. Automatic
2.5 inch Teraflex
Wheels & Tires
Black Rhino Abrams OD Green / 35" Toyo MT's
Front: Evo Quarter Pounder
Pritchett Canyon Rocker Guards
Rough Country 9500


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