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    Wines of the Week

    Bought this one because of the label which was copied from 400 year old copper plate engravings. Not terrible.
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    OBD JScan - Program With Your Smart Phone

    It’s been working fine for me. They offer a “Trail View” mode although probably much simpler than your trail dash. This is just a screenshot using dummy data:
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    Smoking Meat -- Tips, Opinions, Recipes

    Ooh, Id like to dig into that! Looks Terrific!
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    👋 from Chicagoland

    🖐🏻 from the Northern Milwaukee Burbs.
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    Suds of the Day

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    Et Tu, Brute?...Part Deux

    The wrap is cool. I always liked O.D. if you’re looking for a change
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    Oscar's No Build Thread

    Managed to get to one last event before my daughter headed out of state for college. More of a follow the leader through some private land ride, but we still had fun spending the day together:
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    Wines of the Week

    Rensselaer. The campus is impressive and Troy has a pretty cool downtown area. I just hope that the university avoids any covid lockdowns.
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    Wines of the Week

    Just got back from dropping the kid at school in up state New York. On the way home we drove a small part of the Lake Erie Wine Trail and made a few stops. This Red Blend was from Sensory Winery. It had zero residual sugar, but still very heavy and not what I would call dry. Not terrible, but...
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    Wines of the Week

    Interesting! I never heard of that.
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    Hello from Michigan

    🖐🏻 Wave from across the pond. Welcome from the Northern Milwaukee Burbs.
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    Wines of the Week

    Enjoying a nice rosé. Rule of thumb, the lighter the color, the dryer (better IMO) it is.
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    Wines of the Week

    Brought a couple back from the islands. This pineapple wine is not as terrible as we thought it might be. Strong pineapple fragrance, but more like a sauvignon blanc with pineapple notes. My wife says “notes of rotten pineapple 😉.
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    Wines of the Week

    Needless to say that you didn’t live on Kauai. I remember that you have property on the Big Island. Did you live there as well before moving to the mainland?
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    Wines of the Week

    This one is more about the location than the wine. Cheers from Princeville, Kauai. The ride:
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