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    Posting a video of a Hit & Miss Engine

    I tried - unsuccessfully, to post a video of an old Hit & Miss engine running at my nephew' yard sale. Don't know if anyone would be interested, but it's a cool old engine and it sounds great. I could email the video if someone is interested in either seeing or posting it.
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    What's in your humidor?

    La Gloria Cubana Series R Black Maduro. Just got a box, the humidity seems a bit high - I'll let the rest adjust in the humidor. If any of you fellow cigar smokers are going to be in the Napa Valley - let me know. I'm in the post surgery recovery phase, the bar and the humidor are open.
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    Show Your Lighters

    Dupont Roll-lighter, and a 3 cigar case made out of some alligator hide I had left over.
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    Bandoola - Moab Roll-over

    Thanks for the pointers, you are correct. I usually do that, I guess this time I just got lazy. My old english prof would slap me. I wondered about low gear vs 2nd. I've noticed, especially in Moab, climbing in 2nd has been more successful than crawling in 1st - higher wheel speed. The...
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    Random (non-Jeep) Shit You’re Working On....

    Going through old photos; because it's a safe pastime during post surgery recovery, and I came across this. 1980's, PBY, west Texas. We were enroute to the museum at the Pensacola Naval Air Station when a cylinder in the left engine came apart. We replaced the cylinder, cleaned up, and...
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    show your sunrise/sunset pictures

    Here's a sunrise and a sunset, taken off the decks of our house in the Napa Valley - right after the fires last year.
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    Fed up with stupid shit

    Kudos to Willis for his efforts. Hopefully this will fade away.
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    Airing Down Devices

    Thanks. I like the idea of airing down quicker then with standard valves. The tank is the main drawback for me, but I've got an on board air system with an engine driven pump. I'll look into them further - thank you.
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    Airing Down Devices

    I've seen some of those power tank monster valve set ups. What are the pros and cons?
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    Bandoola - Moab Roll-over

    Thanks. Saw one my second trip to Moab. Just a deep cut - but still bad.
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    Bandoola - Moab Roll-over

    Thank you. It's not one I'd like to do again.
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    Bandoola - Moab Roll-over

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    Bandoola - Moab Roll-over

    Thank you. Sometimes, one's own ego isn't the most important thing to save. I appreciate the thought - always good to have backup.
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    Bandoola - Moab Roll-over

    I am readdressing this particular photo because there is something very valuable here which needs to be stated and was omitted in the original post because I was more concerned with defending my action. I would like to acknowledge OverlanderJK for calling me on this - he is 100% correct. The...
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    Bandoola - Moab Roll-over

    Thanks. No rubbing or line contact of any kind. Grease on the RCV.
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