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    Bad fuel problem ... need forum wisdom to help

    Same here. Had something like that happen in that Anvil JKU I had. Ran a few bottles of Lucas through it, and stopped buying cheap gasoline. I run stuff from stations like Exxon, Chevron, or Shell now...
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    Random Photos

    What is it?
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    Bottle Jack

    Mine is in an ammo can. I put it there because every one I buy seems to leak, if it isn’t stored upright.
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    Random Photos

    I didn’t know they discontinued barbecue flavored Fritos. Found these at Dollar General. Limited run.
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    10k with a 1/2 ton

    Don’t overlook gas burners either. Half of the trucks I see at RV sites burn gasoline.
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    10k with a 1/2 ton

    Have you much experience at towing? My Hemi Ram 1500 is rated for something like 9500 lbs. My Dad’s 2003 Chevy 2500 with a 6.0 liter is rated for around 8600 lbs. I’ve towed with each, and which do you think tows better? The 2500, even though it has over 100 hp less. Like Overlander said...
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    Random Photos

    My little boy’s birthday is coming up. I found this today.
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    They look great. It's a shame you can't get them without the full doors. Who would ever put full doors back on after running those?
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    Wayne Ledbetter from Bakersfield, CA - YOU SUCK / PayPal can EAD too!!

    Okay. Am I a bad person for laughing my ass off at the thread title? Oh, and a dick.
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    DYNATRAC SAFETY RECALL on 1550 Steering Knuckles

    So, these are the knuckles that allowed a tighter turning radius? I assume you’ll still have that, but with the weight of a 32” TV from the year 2000?
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    The PRICE of a Wrangler Over the Years

    It’s crazy how much vehicles of all sorts cost. I really wanted a Rubicon, but unless I buy a used one, I’ll probably buy a Sport again.
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