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    My 392 build

    Now that's a lot of goodies. Can't wait to see them installed 👍
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    show your sunrise/sunset pictures

    Sunrise in Del Mar on my way to work
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    My 392 build

    So much awesome. Looking forward to following this build. What's in the boxes? 👀
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    Hey everyone!

    Ah so you're a spy hidden undercover behind enemy lines... Perfect. Haha, congrats and welcome to Wayalife from SoCal! One cool grandpa 😎
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    A Dirt Head's JK

    Ok, who sent you my Jeep's letter to Santa? 😳
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    A Dirt Head's JK

    Took apart and regreased the Bolts and plastic fittings on the hinges of my EVO carrier. This thing squeals like hell! Don't care all that much since it is absolutely solid and I don't open the tailgate too often, but it's kind of a running joke with my friends and family that everyone looks at...
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    Finally got my Rubicon flares installed (and ready for bigger tires)

    I second his notion your honor ^^^
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    Value - Manual vs Auto

    I still have a '97 TJ with the old AX15. While it's not unbearable it is definitely not as great as the later 5 speed in the '00 to '06 TJ I believe. It is still a pleasure to drive but as Eddie said, auto is unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for some) the way to go for resale in the future...
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    Hello all.

    Hello from California! Got a Jeep?
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    Please READ THE RETURN POLICY Before Placing Your Order

    Personally I never really return anything. If something I buy doesn't work out, I blame myself first for not taking proper measurements or something like that before I bought something, especially when it comes to my Jeeps. I'll usually try to hook my buddy up with something that doesn't work...
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    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    Misinformed by who? Oh yeah, the government 🙄
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    Hey from N.E. Florida

    Welcome to Wayalife from SoCal! I really like the new Sarge Green on the JLs, almost as if they are a homage to Jeep's service heritage. Congrats!
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    A Dirt Head's JK

    I have a trip up to Big Bear planned for next week! We'll be wheeling and camping for a couple days up there with my JK and my buddy's TJ. Obviously I'll post up the pics here! As far as my Jeep goes I finally got a 30' tow strap that doubles as a tree saver (still need a winch... 😅) and some...
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    Rubicon Take Off’s /Lug Nut Question

    Welcome to Wayalife! x2 on introducing yourself in the "Give us a wave" subforum. $1600 is steep but as the others have said depends on the area and demand for them. I've seen them fluctuate and be anywhere from $400 to $1100 down here in SoCal. If you don't hate the stock Wheels I'd honestly...
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    WAYALIFE on the GO : Miscellaneous Photos from Cindy & Eddie!

    We've got trail dogs, but what about trail frogs? 🤔
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