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    Synergy Flip Kit installation

    JK- yet again, those are not the proper tools to use to achieve the correct taper. If the posted picture of the gold taper bit is what you are referring to. This is the correct tool to use. Also, when you use the 13/16 insert you are not opening the original hole any wider than the bottom...
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    Rausch Creek Trip 12-14

    :Here we are same deal as before,but this time around I highly encourage those who haven't try camping with us to do it.We had an AWESOME time at Echo valley both nights and I can hardly wait to do it again.Please post what day/days you will be wheeling and also which day/days for camping.For...
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    Rausch Creek Nov 2nd

    Hey folks, putting together an RC trip for 11/2, so far looks like 5 jeeps hitting blues and blacks. Hit me up if you're interested in joining.
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    Hello from Baltimore, Md

    Hey Wayalifer's, glad to be on the forum. Been reading for some time now and finally decided to register... Too many jeep sites/forums to keep track of but I think I'll stick to Wayalife. Going broke with 3 2013 JKU's in the driveway- a rock lobster Rubi with 3.5" RK lift on 35's (mine), a...
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