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    Oil pan bolt stripped

    I was changing my oil and noticed a slight oil leak around the oil pan where it mates to the bottom of the engine. I very carefully tightened a few of the bolts and one was stripped. These are the bolts that hold the oil pan to the timing cover(I think that's what it's called) not the actual...
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    EVO rock star install???

    Ok here is my problem, I have a 2011 JKUR with a 2.5" RK max travel lift running stock bump stops and stock tires. I am running Fox IFP shocks for 1.5"-3.5" lift and they are the ones with 9.1" of travel and measure 24.75" fully extended. When my Jeep is sitting level I have 4.5" of shock shaft...
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    ISO EVO protek oil pan skid for 2011 JKU.

    I know its a long shot but I thought someone might have one they don't need. Of coarse I will pay for shipping. Thanks
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    Show off your Jeep!

    Moab this May at Top of the World
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    Smittybilt winch plate

    Here is another pic you can kinda see how high it sits.
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    Will this fit in my garage....?

    Looking at putting a RK 2.5 max travel lift and 35s on my 2011 JKU Rubicon with a Gobi stealth roof rack and was wondering if anyone had the height measurements for this setup? Thanks for your help! I have a standard height garage.
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    Smittybilt winch plate

    Here is one, if you need more or any from a different angle let me know.
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