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  1. waynem

    Wines of the Week

    Magnum of this on Saturday night with some friends. Pardon the horrid label scrapes... magnums don't quite fit in my wine cellar properly.
  2. waynem

    show your sunrise/sunset pictures

    Its a pretty damn nice mountain when it does decide to show itself !!
  3. waynem

    JT Gladiator rear triangulated long arm.

    RK does make the cradle for Dynatrac and Dana 60s... One of those might fit the Advance Drive Line axle. Otherwise you would likely need to have something custom fab'd I have the Prox-X on my JT and it's been great. I understand why you want to keep it.
  4. waynem

    Max tow sway bar bigger?

    You shouldn't need to do any welding. The JK brackets and bushings work fine ... If the ones you have don't have the small bar that holds up the motor , it's mopar part 68260703AA. And you'll need the rubber isolator for the motor mount. Easy to find as a "2002-2012 Dodge Ram 1500...
  5. waynem

    CB & GMRS antenna location

    Most common mount I've seen is just a simple L bracket that is mounted to one of the bolts on the cowl. My gladiator uses one of the stubby antennas and its mounted in front of the windshield, on the plastic cowling. Doesn't get caught by branches but I'm sure I'm sacrificing range... As...
  6. waynem

    VIDEO : TALL to SMALL - ACCUAIR Suspension System Lets You do it All

    You need a bigger garage ! Definitely an interesting system. I can see it being popular with the overlanding crowd where your payload changes from daily driver to overloaded toy hauler.
  7. waynem

    The "Delicate Flower" Build

    Naw.. I didn't complain. I'm the one dragging the wheels over rocks and they really aren't that expensive.
  8. waynem

    Bumper Recommendations

    Another vote for LOD .. I have them front "shorty" and rear Destoryer on my JT. The rear has the extra frame tie ins and the side "bed sliders". The rear has taken a lot of abuse coming off rocks and has held up very well.
  9. waynem

    EVO WAYALIFE Jeep Gladiator w/Trailing Arms - SEMA 2022

    That's amazing. Mel and team really do build some impressive stuff. Gotta think that this JT setup becomes as sought after as the double throw down rear on the JKs.
  10. waynem

    CARNAGE!! Let's See Your Best Breaks & Trail Damage

    Not my carnage but scary... 2dr JK behind me on a Rubicon Trail run ... we had just finished the Cadillac Hill climb when there was a pop and front left tire deflated instantly. The older gentleman driving the JK had just had his brakes done a couple days previously. One of the caliper...
  11. waynem

    The "Delicate Flower" Build

    Nothing quick. They are held in with locking nuts on the back side so you can't get out the broken piece without breaking down the rim. So not a trail fix but certainly doable (and done) over a couple beers at camp that night..... assuming you are carrying spares. Hutchisons are pretty...
  12. waynem

    The "Delicate Flower" Build

    Will be interesting to see what you think of those Apex valves. They certainly make airing down fast but they have a tendency to snap off and THAT deflates a tire in a hurry. Maybe its just the profile on the Hutchisons but I've managed to snap two off in six months...
  13. waynem

    Ultimate Dana 44's ? Are they worth it ?

    So one minor warning about the UD44, the bracketry is definitely bigger and heavier which is "mostly" good. The bad shows up when you want to add something that expects to bolt on to the OEM brackets. For example, my Bilstein 8100s .. they use a bracket on the lower mount to move the...
  14. waynem

    ALL ELECTRIC Jeep Recon... Thoughts??

    They probably haven't done it yet but they will. The JJUSA team has dragged pretty much every "trail rated" jeep model through the Rubicon during pre-production; including the new $100K Wagoneers and lowly Cherokee Trail Hawks. None survive without damage but they make it and while being...
  15. waynem

    ALL ELECTRIC Jeep Recon... Thoughts??

    The body design is interesting on both the Wagoner and Recon; certainly don't hate either. The Recon looks vaguely like a Honda Element .... I'm sure the Recon will be plenty capable offroad for 90% of the people who want one so that will be interesting to watch. Somewhat concerned about...
  16. waynem

    Anyone running a wireless Apple Carplay adapter on their JT

    I have a similar one .. .. it works well enough. Occasionally glitches out but just pulling the usb out and plugging it back fixes it. If there is a gotcha, at least on mine, its always on acting like a lower powered wifi hub. My phone will randomly connect to it...
  17. waynem

    Requesting JLUR Lift and Wheels Advice

    The AEVs are all at that price point. They have lots of dealers around both online and brick-and-mortar places.
  18. waynem

    Heading West and South

    Jeep therapy .... but yeah.. that came off more crazy than I expected ... edited with the clear light of day
  19. waynem

    Heading West and South

    After many many years of lurking .. finally returning to the fold .... The entire family ran JKs but couldn't import them when we moved back to Canada .... And there is really is no point owning a Jeep in eastern Canada ... its very flat... there is way too much salt and I just couldn't...
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