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  1. bmkrinne

    Weld on Lower Control Arm Skids?

    I’m thinking of installing some front lower CA skids on my PR44. Anyone installed the EVO or Synergy weld on skid plates? pros/cons? other recommendations?
  2. bmkrinne

    Recommendation for 2.5” lift kit for 2018 JKUR Recon

    Looking on 2.5” lift kits for a buddy’s stock 2018 JKUR Recon edition. Key details: It’s his wife’s daily driver Going to 315/70R17 or 35’s Currently it has a 1/2” factory lift and 285/75R17 tires. I would really like to put an EVO lift on it but don’t see that they have a 2.5 kit.
  3. bmkrinne

    Loose nut on ProSteer Lower Ball Joint

    I found the lower castle nut loose on the passenger side today. Jacked up to spin the tire to clean the RCV boots and “oh shit!” I torqued to spec and replaced the cotter pin. The other 3 where tight. Anyone seen this before?
  4. bmkrinne

    Precautions for welding on Jeep?

    Maybe a dumb question, but I’m going to weld on the frame and rear bumper of my ‘12 JK and wondering… Is there is anything I should do as a precaution to protect the Jeep’s electrical components? Thanks!
  5. bmkrinne

    Coolant leak help for JK

    Hey guys, I’ve been smelling coolant for several months at stop lights and when pulling back in the garage. I don’t drive it much but this evening I located the leak dripping off the bottom of the thermostat housing at the bottom bolt gasket area and onto the serpentine belt. Can’t tell...
  6. bmkrinne

    My Side Piece

    Hey WAYALIFERS! I’ve been a part of the madness for a few years and figured it’s time to post up my build. I call her my side piece because my wife stays I spend more time with the damned Jeep than with her! It’s a 2012 JKUR Call of Duty that I bought in early 2018 and had never been...
  7. bmkrinne

    AEV Front Bumper, winch plate and skid plate

    This is an AEV bumper taken off a 2012 JKUR Call of Duty. Bumper is in good condition and comes with the winch plate, lower skid plate, all hardware and installed fog lights. $700
  8. bmkrinne

    Set of AEV Savegre Wheels

    If anyone is interested in a set of AEV Savegre wheels I just took off, let me know. All have minor rock rash but are structurally sound. One is missing the center cap but can be ordered easily online. 17x8.5” on 5x5 lug pattern 5.2” backspacing +10mm offset Hubcentric Quantity of 5 $500...
  9. bmkrinne

    Happy Valentines Day to my Side Piece

    She’s always on my mind and in my heart. Never complains, gets headaches or tired, likes it when we get dirty and rough. Damn that ass is fine! Happy Valentines Day to my side piece! Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE
  10. bmkrinne

    Backspacing and steerability

    Thinking of buying new wheels with less backspace and am wondering if this will have an adverse affect on steering. Currently at 5.2” backspace on 17” AEV Savagre wheels with 37x12.50 STT Pros and rubbing everything. I do NOT have hydro assisted steering and don’t want to upgrade. I’m having...
  11. bmkrinne

    Windrock on Friday

    It’s short notice, but I’m headed to Windrock this Friday if anyone wants to join. I’ll only be there for the day but the group of Jeeps will be there for the whole weekend. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE
  12. bmkrinne

    Beasley Knob OHV???

    What do you know about it? Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE
  13. bmkrinne

    Bent Core4x4 Tier 4 Control Arm

    So I bent my front lower passenger side control arm on Cliffhanger last week. The tire slipped off a rock while coming off one of the ledges and the entire weight of the Jeep landed on the control arm and rattled our fillings. No drivability issues but slightly bent. I called Spence at...
  14. bmkrinne

    JK differential breather tube

    Anyone bought new tubing for your differential breathers lately? Where did you order it from? Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE
  15. bmkrinne

    Driving lessons

    I took the top and doors off today and took my daughter out for her first driving lesson in the Jeep. She did amazingly well. The adventure begins!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE
  16. bmkrinne

    Which Evo Enforcer stage?

    I’m a little confused on which stage to pick when selecting the 4” Evo Enforcer lift kit. This will replace my AEV 2.5” XT lift with geo brackets. Thinking of the stage 2 with drag link flip, but need some help with the decision. What are the benefits of getting the rear upper control...
  17. bmkrinne

    There were only two cool kids there

    Took the kids to the neighborhood pool yesterday and had to share this pic!! Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  18. bmkrinne

    Happy Birthday Marines

    Happy birthday to all you devil dogs! 243 years of faithful and continuous service. Semper Fi Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  19. bmkrinne

    Bought a JKUR

    Hello! I’m new to the forum and just wanted to say what’s up folks? Looking forward to learning all kinds of things here. I bought a 2012 JKUR about a month ago and have been busy doing PMs on it. It has 70k on it so changing fluids in the diffs, transfer case, tranny, coolant, etc. there...
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