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  1. DirtHeadDavis

    A2Z Overland Camp & Expo - December 9th-11th 2022

    Definitely! Any rough estimate of the time? Trying to plan when to head out 😎
  2. DirtHeadDavis

    The BEST Internet Expert Advice I've Been Given

    What manhood? He already drives a hybrid...
  3. DirtHeadDavis

    VIDEO : BIG V8 Power for a Jeep Wrangler JL or Gladiator and NOT from a HEMI

    Ho-Lee Jeez-Us. Was not expecting this! Beyond badass.
  4. DirtHeadDavis

    Brake dust

    What he said ^^^ Also that's really any vehicle for you. The JL Rubicon has much more open areas between the spokes than the JK Rubicon allowing more brake dust to catch the outside face of the wheel. I've used both Mopar OEM pads and aftermarket ceramics on my Jeep and while it seems to me the...
  5. DirtHeadDavis

    WAYALIFE on the GO : Miscellaneous Photos from Cindy & Eddie!

    Maybe it's because of the LS swap? 😉
  6. DirtHeadDavis

    Effing Work Firewall...

    It works on your phone 🤷‍♂️
  7. DirtHeadDavis

    WAYALIFE on the GO : Miscellaneous Photos from Cindy & Eddie!

    Moby's still my favorite 😎
  8. DirtHeadDavis

    Project ACCUAIR

    Great shots and write up Eddie! That is definitely more flex than I expected, looks pretty stuffed on 37s even at that ride height. While I won't get bags I do like seeing new innovations like these in action so thanks again for the coverage! I do actually really like how that JT sits too...
  9. DirtHeadDavis

    GONE - Free EVO 1/4 Pounder Mid Height Hoop

    Yeah, I never really disliked it, just like to change up the look every once in a while I suppose haha, I'll probably run a stinger when I go to 37s 🤷‍♂️
  10. DirtHeadDavis

    A2Z Overland Camp & Expo - December 9th-11th 2022

    Same here, heading out early morning Friday from SoCal, Will be there around midday Friday. The event starts at 12 or so I believe. Any plans for the Wayalife group? I'm getting excited!
  11. DirtHeadDavis

    GONE - Free EVO 1/4 Pounder Mid Height Hoop

    Since installing a winch on my EVO Quarter Pounder, I decided to remove the mid height bull bar as it looks cleaner in my opinion. I thought it wouldn't hurt to post it up here for free if anyone running the Quarter Pounder is a fan of the look and wants to run it. Local pickup in SoCal.
  12. DirtHeadDavis


    Don't know if I'd trust anyone named Ronald.
  13. DirtHeadDavis

    SoCal desert wheeling

    I'd love to, but I'm still finishing up on prepping the Jeep for A2Z in Arizona on the 9th. Hopefully I'll make it to the desert down here shorty after then.
  14. DirtHeadDavis

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    Why am i just hearing of this now and where can I sign up??? Lol
  15. DirtHeadDavis

    New to Jeep from KY

    Welcome to Wayalife from SoCal! I think Ramchargers are really cool and pretty underrated thanks to the Bronco and Blazer of that era. Congrats on the new Jeep!
  16. DirtHeadDavis


    Welcome from SoCal!
  17. DirtHeadDavis

    Hola from Houston

    Welcome from SoCal! Plenty to do in a stock Jeep, they're still very capable on their own 👍
  18. DirtHeadDavis

    Pet Peeves - What Pisses You Off?

    You fucking serious? He have Military ID? Fucking California.
  19. DirtHeadDavis

    Black Friday Trails

    Sounds like fun! I work Friday and Saturday. Off Sunday, but still checking some boxes off the list of items to prep on the Jeep for A2Z in a couple weeks. Post up pics!!!
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