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  1. cdj


    Out in Uwharrie National Forest last weekend for Dickey Bell Trail #91
  2. cdj

    Hello from Washington state

    Welcome from North Carolina.
  3. cdj

    Hello From Carson City Nevada

    Welcome !!
  4. cdj

    Hello from Johnson Lane (Carson City/Minden) Nevada

    Welcome from North Carolina.
  5. cdj


    Thanks Jeremy. Also thought about you when watching that long arm build.......if I was closer to you, logic might not have won out........LOL
  6. cdj


    Brown Santa says next week......we'll see if he's just teasing....... :)
  7. cdj


    Thank you to all. Once winch is here, several off road parks in close proximity and some beautiful scenery in the blue ridge mountains.
  8. cdj


    Jill meet everybody. Everybody meet Jill. She is a 2022 JLUR-XR ordered March 31st, 2022......arrived June 29th 2022. This will be a slow build for me, initially, just recovery related gear. Ordered: Warn Zeon 10-S/Winch mounting plate for stock steel bumper Smittybuilt 5.56 CFM portable air...
  9. cdj

    hello new here

    Welcome to Wayalife from NC!!
  10. cdj

    GREENWASHED : Electric Rigs are Way Dirtier Thank You'd Think

    Great article. I've always been a bit baffled by the "green movement". My question to them is usually something along the lines of: Who do you think mines all the Lithium needed in those EV batteries?? (hint, it's not the USA). And, what do you think they are burning as a major power source...
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    Hello from Colorado!!!

    Welcome from North Carolina !
  12. cdj

    Hello from Central KY

    Welcome from North Carolina !!
  13. cdj

    Not Really “New” from SEMO

    Welcome back.
  14. cdj

    Adventure Awaits

    Welcome from NC !!
  15. cdj

    Hello from CT

    Welcome from NC!
  16. cdj

    Hello from Houston

    Welcome from NC !!
  17. cdj

    VIDEO : CRAZY About the 8

    It would be kinda interesting to see how far you can push/beef up the stock axle's before you took it full on beast mode with 1 ton's, etc. Congrats on the purchase, awesome looking Jeep !! Did I miss the new name for it yet ??
  18. cdj


    Awesome property. Congrats to you both. It a very cool thing when folks achieve their dreams, this thread made my day !!
  19. cdj

    The BEST "I HATE WAYALIFE" YouTube Video Comments

    As a newbie to this site, and just getting back to the Jeep community after a long absence, a sincere thank you for all the work you and Cindy do to provide useful info. It is very much appreciated. As for the internet trolls.......never underestimate the stupidity of large groups of...
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