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  1. branman

    Rubicon Run - October 1-4 Photos

    Ran the Rubicon last weekend with some great people. It was great to see old friends and make new ones. We had some off and on weather starting with Rain Thursday followed by 2 beautiful days of sunshine then a heavy rain Saturday night to make the run up Cadillac Hill a little slippery. Fun...
  2. branman

    Coil Over Rub - Thoughts?

    Any thoughts on this? I have 4" bumps and running a pretty low ride height.
  3. branman

    Flashing light bulbs in Orange County

    Anyone in OC notice their light bulbs blinking rapidly this morning? I thought mine were just going bad then my GF asks me if my lights are blinking and says hers where blinking at home and at work (this would be a 15 mile radius from here) and every light in my apartment is blinking. WTH?
  4. branman

    EVO Pro Series Fairlead Winch Mount - Dimensions

    Does anyone know the dimensions of the EVO Pro Series Fairlead Winch Mount. Specifically distance between the outer light mounting holes? Thanks (yes I know I could call EVO MFG - just thought I would ask)
  5. branman

    2014 Rubicon E-Disco Plug

    Just a shot in the dark here, I broke the plastic clamp on my e-disco plug and was looking to see if maybe someone here that has already swapped out to a no limits still has the OEM wire harness and plug.
  6. branman

    Searching WAL

    Searching the forum can be a frustrating task at times and can even seem useless by either returning no results or returning too many results that are not always related to what you seek. Using the default search box in the top right corner of the screen will almost always return to many...
  7. branman

    Fire Extinguisher with TrexTop NX

    When I had my hard top it wasn't to difficult to get in the tub and get the extinguisher when needed but with the Trex Top NX it is a little more work and might render it un usable - I would prefer to have one up front or at least reachable from the drivers seat but having a hard time finding a...
  8. branman

    Cobra 29 LX LCD CB Radio

    I am selling my Cobra 29 LX LCD CB Radio it is 7 months old and works perfectly. How much you ask? Asking $80.00 o.b.o. and I will throw in a Valco EZ CB mount for FREE and to keep this savings bonanza rolling I will also throw in a Strike force Zebra mount in case you prefer a smaller...
  9. branman

    Quartzsite/Parker AZ 2/15-16/2015

    Ran out to Quartzsite AZ this weekend to do a little wheeling with may Dad and his group. Sunday we ran up to parker to take some visitors to the Desert Bar. We go in the back way which is a fun trail and usually leave the trail and take the wash most of the way. We did parts of Presidents...
  10. branman

    Sports Cage / Wiring

    For you RockHard sports cage owners that hung their CB from the front crossbar - Which way did you run you CB wiring? - Along the bar? - from the Sound bar? Also with the side pieces in place do you loose access to the wire runs through the fire wall? Thanks
  11. branman

    2014 JK 4 door Hard top

    2014 JK 4 door Hard top - Sold I have a 2014 Black JKUR Hard top for sale. Includes Freedom panels and storage bag. It does have a few Arizona pin stripes but I'm sure they can be taken care of with a little TLC. $1000.00 O.B.O Located in Dana Point California (south orange county)...
  12. branman

    Parker Area AZ/CA Dec 2014

    Headed out to Quartzsite AZ to meet up with my Dad and his group the day after Christmas to run a few trails and do some site seeing. Weather was cold in the morning with clear skies that made for some spectacular views. We started in Parker early Friday morning and went the back way to the...
  13. branman

    Drivers door panel removal

    Just curious, Is the drivers door panel a PIA to remove? I was at the OC swap meet Saturday and when I returned to my Jeep I open the passenger door for my girl friend (yes I still do that) and noticed a business card stuck in my driver side window, I could read part of the card and it...
  14. branman

    Pinyon Canyon Borego - The Squeeze

    I was denied by the squeeze today, tried everything and just couldn't get through. Pics when I get home. Anyone have any stories about the Squeeze?
  15. branman

    Dripping Spring and the Hogs Back Quartzite AZ

    Ran out to Quartzite for a day trip with my father (black LJ) and a few of his Jeep group. Fun little trail. Not many obstacles, just 3 small waterfalls and lots of hill climbs and descents on loose shale(ish) rock and and few off camber shelf trails that felt like they are only big enough for...
  16. branman

    Broke my windshield

    Was adjusting my mirror and POW! it blows right off the glass :doh: You would think the bracket would break not the glass. There is actually glass still on the adhesive. a jeep they said :rolleyes2: :cheesy:
  17. branman

    Tire inflater gauge

    Might be a silly question - but I'm looking for a tire gauge that gives me the read out while inflating and is in 1 pound increments, seems like most gauges go to something like 120 psi and all I need is < 30ish I would like to see 26 PSI not somewhere between 25 and 50 PSI on the bottom 3rd...
  18. branman

    Noob Tire Carrier mistake

    I am posting this to hopefully prevent someone from doing the same. I know this will seem obvious to some and pointing out my bad decision isn't as much fun as you might think :D After my trip to the Rubicon I started hearing a noise coming from the rear and thought it was something rolling...
  19. branman

    3rd Brake light in Cali

    First Question is the 3rd brake light a requirement now? Next are there any good tramp stamp with tail light option or should I just fab one myself? Thanks
  20. branman

    Delete Plugs - Tailgate

    I decided to remove my spare tire carrier. Was wondering where to find some delete plugs ( yes i'm lazy and just asking here instead of looking :doh: ) Isolator and 3rd brake light wire holes. Thanks
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