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  1. nbunga

    Show me your beadlocks

    I’ve never been one to pay attention to what wheels people have on their Jeeps, and for some reason I’m shopping for beadlocks now. I would like to see the different options out there. Show me what you got and what kind they are. I think I’m leaning toward something shiny.
  2. nbunga

    For those of you who know my son Winston.

    Hey guys. I know this last minute but my sons teacher is doing a thanksgiving project for all the kids. She is asking that anyone who knows the kids write a short letter letting them know how they are thankful to know them. My wife reminded me tonight that there are plenty of people on here who...
  3. nbunga

    Front axle shaft question

    So if I have a front axle shaft u-joint go bad I should be able to pull it take it apart just put the outer shaft in and run that way till I get a replacement right Sitting at a loves truck stop in Burlington, CO. No spare u joint of course
  4. nbunga

    Does anyone have one of these laying around

    I replaced the rollers on my fairlead and lost one of the bushings that goes in them. Warn doesn’t show any replacement parts for their fairleads. Wondering if anyone had an old Warn roller fairlead sitting around they wanted to get rid of.
  5. nbunga

    Steering options.

    So I banged up my steering pretty good this weekend. Tie rod and drag link bent and fluid coming from the sector shaft, haven’t torn into it yet, but thinking the shaft had enough pressure on it to compromise the seal. It wasn’t actively leaking anymore once we got it off the trail, but I don’t...
  6. nbunga

    Hard top question

    Quick question. Will a 2008 hard top fit a 2011? Selling mine and someone just asked me that. I thought they did but I might be just assuming.
  7. nbunga

    Driveshaft question

    I’m shopping for a new front driveshaft right now. All the grease fell out of my stock one. I see Adams offers one with a new pinion yoke and also one that will bolt up directly to the stock pinion flange. Is there any advantage of getting one over the other, besides the obvious of not having to...
  8. nbunga

    Intervention needed?

    Looking for some advice here. I won’t go into specifics to protect privacy. One of our fellow WAYALIFE friends is going through a rough patch and I’m afraid he might do something that he might regret. His Jeep has been having issues lately and been in the shop for a little while lately. I asked...
  9. nbunga

    I love my driveway too

    I love my driveway too!
  10. nbunga

    Happy Mothers Day

    Just wanted to wish a happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.
  11. nbunga

    Going to Pittsburgh, what to do?

    My wife has a conference this week in Pittsburgh. I’m gonna tag along just to get away for a few days. I’ll be on my own for most of the day Thursday and Friday while she’s at the conference. Just looking for things to do in the area. We’ll be staying downtown. I’m pretty much game for anything...
  12. nbunga

    Polar Vortex, how cold are you?

    These temperatures are probably just another day at the office with some of you way north folks. Let’s see how cold everyone is today Not the coldest it’s been this year here, but not a fun way to start your day. And for those of us that have to actually go out in it and work, be safe.
  13. nbunga

    Question for you car audio guys.

    I’m thinking of putting an amplifier in my Jeep. Do I need one with 6 channels for all 6 speakers or do the front speakers and the dash tweeters get wired in parallel, only needing a 4 channel amp.
  14. nbunga

    What light is this.

    Had a light on my dash come on a few minutes ago. Came on a few times and gave the ding then went off. I’m stopped now waiting for the kids at school. I’ve never noticed it before. Anyone know what it is. It’s the little red dot above the temp gauge.
  15. nbunga

    Evo rockskins on a two door.

    I’m considering getting some rockskins for my Jeep and was hoping you guys out there with them on two doors could post up some photos. I’m particularly interested in how much they cover just behind the bottom corner of the door. Thanks in advance
  16. nbunga

    Andys Jeep build

    I keep telling myself that I need to start a build thread. Well I figured if I don't do it now I'll be so far behind the actual build it would never happen. So here goes. I haven't named it yet, it's a 2008 6 speed that I bought a year ago April. This is a pretty recent picture. The main...
  17. nbunga

    Shock bushing question

    Hey guys quick question. I got ahold of some take off Rubicon shocks recently. They are like new except for the fact that they don't have any bushings in them. I would just reuse the ones from my stock shocks, but I can't seem to get them out without a press. Does anyone know if the hour glass...
  18. nbunga

    What bumper is this?

    Anybody happen to know what bumper this is? I found it on Craigslist.
  19. nbunga

    Looking for stock Rubicon front axle shafts.

    Hoping somebody upgraded their front axle and has the stock axle shafts around still. I'm putting a Rubi axle in my Jeep and need shafts to get me going until the budget allows for upgrading to chromolly. Regearing and going to 35 spline ARB locker in the rear so my Jeep fund is kinda slim right...
  20. nbunga

    Used Dana 44

    So I found a 2016 front Rubicon Dana 44 on craigslist. 18,000 miles and complete other than shafts. Guy said he'd take 500 for it. That's a pretty good deal right?
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