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  1. jorgelrod

    What's Your WiFi Password?

    He's just following Biden's Mandate
  2. jorgelrod

    Anyone running a 2.5 Clayton Off Road lift with 37s?

    Rubbing with the Rubicon fenders?
  3. jorgelrod

    Anyone running a 2.5 Clayton Off Road lift with 37s?

    I'm seriously considering the Clayton Off Road lift and plan to run 37s. I'm on the fence between the 2.5 and 3.5, I don't plan to go beyond 37s, at least not until it's paid off which is a ways away. If you are running this combo, do you mind posting a pic. I think 2.5 on a Rubicon should be...
  4. jorgelrod

    EVO WAYALIFE Jeep Gladiator w/Trailing Arms - SEMA 2022

    Eddie, that was just stupid awesome! That thing runs amazing...
  5. jorgelrod

    QUADRATEC JTe Jeep Wrangler Pickup - SEMA 2022

    I like that when they outsource their stuff, they go to American companies like their headlights being built by JW Speaker.
  6. jorgelrod

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    Anybody knows what lift kit this is??
  7. jorgelrod

    go diesel or nah?

    This, looks like the Ecodiesel 3.0 has been plagued with a lot problems, not on only on the JT but on all platforms, RAM, etc
  8. jorgelrod

    DODGE All Electric Charger Daytona SRT - SEMA 2022

    Electric or not, the guy who designed that body definitely nailed it...
  9. jorgelrod

    ATTICUS 4X4 Gray Jeep Gladiator - SEMA 2022

    Not even if they were free...
  10. jorgelrod

    MOPAR Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Anniversary Edition 392 - SEMA 2022

    I really want those wheels for my gladiator
  11. jorgelrod

    MOPAR Jeep CJ SURGE - SEMA 2022

    I'd wheel it
  12. jorgelrod

    CROWN Flat Fender & Willys Truck - SEMA 2022

    THose things are definite gold...
  13. jorgelrod

    TOYO Tires White Jeep Gladiator - SEMA 2022

    not a fan of those fenders...
  14. jorgelrod

    SEMA 2022 MEGA THREAD : On the GO Show Coverage

    What a badass rig!
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