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  1. gatorator

    Anyones beard reach out the freedom top?

    Curious....mine's close...:shock::shock: zz top red, im 5'8'
  2. gatorator

    Mud laps

    as im circling a short little section repetitively in the slick mud what am i watching for to not overheat a stock rubicon drivetrain? :beer::beer:
  3. gatorator

    Redwoods and Smith River so. fork, Bohemia mines and Winberry Creek trip

    a few photos, JLUR handled well, snow and mud, gravel and pot holes and tight pinstriping trails to no where in particular.... JLUR skyrocket shot included...
  4. gatorator

    Goofy approves

    She likes her Jeep. Bandon Dunes golf course, Pacific Trails Course I believe. :beer:
  5. gatorator


    It is official and I am now the owner of a 2019 JLR Mojito, (and not a JT gladiator); so happy :blush:
  6. gatorator

    late hello from PNW

    haven't bought a jt yet, but am getting one within weeks, thought I'd wait to post the hello til i bought one, but after the OTHER thread, probably should NOT wait... so HI p.s love the vid's, best on the net
  7. gatorator

    sweet-ass truck in person

    they sure did make this color look great in the sunshine. the rims are stock powdercoated.
  8. gatorator

    Gator shots

    from jt glad forums
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