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  1. Jsouder53

    Hurricane Ian

    I will be praying that everyone on the gulf coast of Florida will be safe during this hurricane. My parents and brother live in Sarasota and that’s where I was raised. Besides Hurricane Irma, there has not been a scare like this storm in that area in decades. I should also note, they have had a...
  2. Jsouder53

    Automatic Transmission Fluid Change Write-Up

    This is for a 2016 Jeep JKU with a 3.6 pentastar. It was long overdue for my Jeep but I finally got it done. The shifting has been getting rough at times. It seems that the majority say to change the fluid every 30k miles. I thought I would do a write up since I couldn’t find one. While I was...
  3. Jsouder53

    Transmission Fluid Change

    I know there are different threads on transmission fluid changes. I had a question on fluid, would I be fine going with Valvoline atf+4 or should I order and wait for mopar fluid. My Napa has the valvoline fluid and I can grab it tomorrow, which I have to run there tomorrow anyways.
  4. Jsouder53

    Front Driveshaft Play

    Lately I’ve noticed some clunking every now and then while driving at slow speeds when slowing down and speeding up (such as through a parking lot). It’s not consistent by any means. I’ve been searching for the noise and recently noticed this. I was wondering if this is normal…...
  5. Jsouder53

    Ford Superduty Engines

    Hey everyone, In the next several months, I’m hoping to be in a new truck, preferably an F250 since I’ve always had an F250. I’m not up on the new engines they have out and have no idea which one would be the best to go with. This would be a daily driver with about an 80ish mile round trip...
  6. Jsouder53

    SPAM Messages

    Anyone else getting spam messages?
  7. Jsouder53

    Which Game Camera

    Hey everyone, I know some of you might have some experience with game cameras. I am looking to get one for surveillance in my chicken run because I’m seeing some dog or fox shit. I’m having issues with my neighbors dogs lately and it would not shock me if it’s coming from them. Which game...
  8. Jsouder53

    People Suck

    Thought this would be a great thread since I seem to post about people sucking in the pet peeves thread. It is a pet peeve, but I figured a thread about people sucking might be necessary. Today has been a great day, until I went out in public…. Typically I can easily grocery shop without any...
  9. Jsouder53

    Ride Quality Between a Gladiator and a JK

    Lately I’ve been thinking about that Hennessy Performance Gladiator I drove. It drove so much smoother than my JK. So my question is, do gladiators drive that much smoother than JKUs? Or is it just that particular suspension setup? It was running King bypass shocks and and EVO short arm kit with...
  10. Jsouder53

    Kids and Half Doors

    I was thinking about running my half doors during the week during my commute since it has been nice out. It got me thinking, at what age did you all start driving around with your kids while running half doors without the uppers?
  11. Jsouder53

    Smiles Per Gallon... How many are you getting? 🙂

    Recently I have been getting better gas mileage driving since I haven’t been driving in town as much! Lately I’ve been getting 16-17.5 with 35s. What’s your MPG?
  12. Jsouder53

    BFG KO2s

    I just want to hear some feedback on these tires, mostly for winter. I have them on my truck right now but plan to swap them to my Jeep since I drive it more (and to save money for now since I have a baby on the way). My Mickey Thompson ATZ p3 are not my favorite tires when it’s a little slick...
  13. Jsouder53

    Jeep Stalls Out When in Reverse

    Lately I haven’t been driving the Jeep as much since I only have to drive 2 minutes down the road then switch to a company vehicle. When I get back to the Jeep after work, jump in and put it in reverse to back out of my parking spot, it stalls out. I believe it has something to do with not...
  14. Jsouder53

    AEV Procal Increased Idle

    Has anyone else had issues with the increased idle feature on their AEV Procal? I tried messing around with it a while ago after winching a Tundra out of a ditch and my battery light started coming on and my winch started getting sluggish. I followed the instructions step by step and it still...
  15. Jsouder53

    Lucas Injector Cleaner VS Seafoam

    I got my Jeep back recently from the mechanic and was told my ticking noise is coming from the fuel injectors. I have a jug of Lucas fuel injector cleaner that I have used mostly on my work truck since it’s older and haven’t used it in a while on my Jeep. My co-worker suggested for me to use...
  16. Jsouder53

    Engine Block Heater Install on 3.6 Pentastar

    Living in Montana and not having a garage can be tough on my Jeep in the winters. There have been a couple times it was cold enough that it didn’t want to start. I’ve been wanting to install a block heater since last summer, but I could never find instruction to do so. I had it in the shop for a...
  17. Jsouder53

    Let’s See How Smoky it is Near You

    Well it the wild fire smoke finally rolled into Bozeman. Can barely see the surrounding mountains anymore
  18. Jsouder53

    4 banger vs 4.0L

    I’ve been doing a ton of looking for a new to me Jeep. Ive seen more 4 bangers for a decent price, I know they are less desirable and less power. Overall I just want to know if they are an okay engine and see if anyone has experience with it. I’m not planning to go big with this Jeep.
  19. Jsouder53

    I Feel Like an Idiot

    I know everyone makes mistakes, loses something, or just does something stupid. I figured we can start a thread on it and get a laugh out of it. Today I was out skiing and locked my Jeep and put just the key (not my whole thing of keys) in my pocket and went out. Half way through the day I...
  20. Jsouder53

    Bartact Winch Cover

    Has anyone tried this winch cover? My old neoprene warn winch cover fell apart and faded.
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