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  1. FFPulley77

    JT - Sport Max Tow or Willys?

    My daughter is asking more and more to go out wheeling and camping with my wife and I and the ole 2-door feels like it’s getting smaller. So I went to see a dealer about the Gladiator and I’ll be ordering one in the next couple weeks. I priced out 2 different trucks, one was a Sport with Max...
  2. FFPulley77

    RIP Mr. Madden
  3. FFPulley77

    FS - JKS Manufacturing 2.5” Coil Springs for 2 Door JK

    Replaced the 2.5” coils with 3.5”. These 2.5” are for sale for $100. They’ve got about 5,500 miles on them. Located northeast of Houston, but I’ll drive to meet within reason.
  4. FFPulley77

    3.6 Passenger Side Oil Leak?

    I’ve been intermittently smelling a small whiff of burning oil for about 3 months now. It’s weird, I went on a 1,400 mile round trip and never smelled it. But if I drive across town I’ll smell it occasionally. Finally decided to climb underneath it to day and here is what I found First...
  5. FFPulley77

    Tailgate Cargo Rack Question

    I have a 2 door JK and normally have the rear seat out, so cargo space isn’t usually a concern when camping. Now my daughter is getting older and wants to start going with my wife and I, so I’m trying to figure out how to load it and keep the backseat in. I came across this Bestop system and...
  6. FFPulley77

    Slow Build of Tortuga

    So I’ve had the Jeep for about a year and have been on Wayalife for about the same. I’ve seen some impressive builds and have gained a lot of great information from everyone here. Eddie’s Pippi project has inspired me to share my small build. Her name is Tortuga because she’s green, slow and...
  7. FFPulley77

    Toyo Open Country A/T II 285/70r17

    Set of 5 Toyo Open Country A/T II’s. Size: 285/70r17 Wear: approximately 8,000 miles No damage to any of the tires, rotated the 5th one in about 2,000 miles ago. I live in the northeast Houston (Kingwood) area and I’m willing to drive an hour or 2 to meet someone to sell. I’m asking $900 on...
  8. FFPulley77

    Total rookie question about lockers

    So I just got back from a great adventure and I’m sitting here thinking about the way my Jeep performed. I have a JK sport with no lockers. I got in to a few spot where one wheel was off the ground and the whole “magic Jeep brake quasi-locker” thing kicked in. Obviously I don’t know the name...
  9. FFPulley77

    Big Bend National Park Dec 5-6

    Heading out to Big Bend National Park for some light wheeling and back country camping. Going to hit Black Gap (Badge of Honor trail) and possibly Old Ore Rd. If anyone wants to go or has any info on these two trails let me know. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE
  10. FFPulley77

    That First Time Feeling

    I’ve been on fire roads and muddy lease/farm trails before in my previous JK. But I just got back home from my first weekend of what I consider proper trails. Me and the wife went out to a park and met some cool people and had a blast. I learned a TON and couldn’t be happier. Only...
  11. FFPulley77

    Hidden Falls AP in Marble Falls, TX - July 11

    The wife and I are going out to Hidden Falls this coming weekend for our first time. Anybody on here with some experience with the park want to meet up? Nothing crazy, we’ve got a mostly stock 2 door JK. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  12. FFPulley77

    2013 JK Coolant and O’Reilly’s in Houston

    Went to top off my coolant reservoir and the guy behind the counter at O’Reilly’s gave me Dex-Cool instead of OAT. I ran it that way for about 2 weeks, but today I’m doing a full coolant flush with OAT. Should my coolant system be ok after this, or should I be concerned? Going off-road in two...
  13. FFPulley77

    Back to the JK

    Hello! I recently purchased another JK after having a JKU a few years back. This time I hunted for a 2 door 6 speed and I love it!! I’m in the north Houston area if anyone wanted to get together! Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
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