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  1. Disciple Off Road

    LOD Sliders & Falcon 3.3 shocks

    I have some JLU LOD sliders and Falcon 3.3 shocks available if interested. Local pick up would be preferred. LOD sliders have minor rock rash. Sorry for the mud on it. $550 Falcon SP2 Series 3.3 shocks, no leaks or damage. 2”-4” lift. $1,200.00
  2. Disciple Off Road

    PSC Power Steering Pump Bracket Failure **Old Version**

    The other day, out of pure dumb luck, I happed to look at by PSC power steering pump and noticed my serpentine belt had slightly walked off of the pully and could see some black residue from the belt slightly rubbing somewhere. I tore into the Jeep and released the tension on the belt to remove...
  3. Disciple Off Road

    Presidents Day Sale 10% Off

    I would like to extend a 10% Off discount to WAYALIFE members ONLY starting today. Simply use the code "wayalife" at checkout for the discount to apply. Some few select items such as Nitto Tires and Carbon Off Road products do not apply BUT if interested in these, I can still do a separate...
  4. Disciple Off Road

    Z Automotive JL/JT OEM Locker Sensor Bypass

    I came across this today and thought I would share it in case I wasn't the only one and if someone is experiencing locker issues. I have heard of the OEM locker sensors in the JL/JT being an issue/failing and ultimately giving the "service axle locker" indicator on the dash keeping you from...
  5. Disciple Off Road

    In The Shop - Disciple Off Road

    In this thread, we will share and discuss some installs and repairs going on in the shop to hopefully pass along information to you whether it's a part you have been thinking about getting, an install you are wanting to tackle yourself or just answering any questions you may have. We will also...
  6. Disciple Off Road

    NEW EVO MFG JLU/Gladiator Rock Sliders Now Available

    With many patiently waiting, the all NEW EVO Mfg. frame mounted rock sliders for the JLU and Gladiator are finally here and available to order! These have a similar look as the JK version that really set the bar high for strength and design as a frame mounted slider. But of course, EVO Mfg...
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