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  1. BlackKnight

    Issue after new lift install, Help plz.

    Hey guys, Well, I just got back from the Alignment, She got her new parts in and She is TALL! I literally fell out when I got her home because the ground was not where it used to be... The Old: 2.5" JK lift in the JKU (likely a 2" with the extra weight) a 2" from leveling kit (which meant the...
  2. BlackKnight

    WTF is with Stealerships?

    So I'm having transmission issues going back to 20 K miles (the first CEL was starting in the wrong gear (6-speed automatic cannot start in the wrong gear, not possible), I'm currently at just over 82K). I dropped it this morning as now it's 1/3 of the time not shifting properly, and surging in...
  3. BlackKnight

    Login irregularaties

    Hi, can someone look into the issues with login? Whenever I log in, even if I tell it to remember me. I have to log in again anytime I close the browser. Also, what may be a cause of the irregular behavior is as I'm logging in, when I click the button to log in I get an error page saying that...
  4. BlackKnight

    Has anyone done a License plate relocation that has the wireing Diagram on a JKU '13?

    I'm doing a plate relocation (EVO plate relocation, with the Poison Spyder 3rd brake/License light) and need the wireing layout/instructions if someone knows where they could be found. The Poison Spyder instructions on the kit are terribly lacking (it's the "universal" kit, not the one they make...
  5. BlackKnight

    New England Trusted Dealers.

    For any of the members in New England. We should post up some in our area. Dan's Jeep on Rt9 in Westborough. Nice sales people, will really try to get you the best deal. Service is good, and prices are "normal" for dealers, not a Stealership...
  6. BlackKnight

    What, if any, ECM reprogrammers are people using/recomending?

    I'm looking at the Bulldog or Diablo for my 2013 JKU to adjust tires gearing, transmission shift points and performance/economy/trail riding configurations (turning fans on 100% of the time while on trail/winching, 93/91 octane performance tune, and economy tunes). What do you guys use?
  7. BlackKnight

    Need a way to mount a license plate on a Proseries front bumper.

    Hey guys, I need a way to mount a License plate to an EVO Pro-Series front bumper with hoop, I have a SuperWinch with Synthetic and Hause fairlead and a Factor55 prolink, so nothing can mount directly on the front of the Hause. I'd rather not drill into the bumper for the plate, Has anyone seen...
  8. BlackKnight

    Anyone know about the stereo in the JK?

    I know it's noting to do with any performance upgrades to be on the trail, but I was looking to update my speakers. I have the base stereo without the sub option. I know that the front speakers are 2 way component speakers and that the cable s are split from the head unit, not with crossovers...
  9. BlackKnight

    REALLY loud radiator fan..

    Hey Guys, My wife just noticed it, I never really have, but the radiator fans on my 2013 are really loud lately. Anyone have this issue? is there a problem? The radiator is clean, no mud etc. Also as a symptom I've noticed where before I would turn on the heat after a minute of warming up and it...
  10. BlackKnight

    Need to fit 35"s, how much do I have to lift?

    I'm looking to fit some 35" with minimum/no lift (temporarily) as I have the tires/rims, and I'm looking to go to an EVO Coil over, but need to wait till summer/end of summer for that. Can I get away with no lift or a "leveling kit" and no offloading till I get a little higher? I'm not planning...
  11. BlackKnight

    Oil Change #3 the correct viscosity makes a difference aparently

    Hey Guys,I changed my oil at 2500 miles to Full synthetic (Pennzoil was the first change). Once I got the first "oil change needed" warning, I moved over to Royal purple. Initial oil, and first change my MPG was between 17-18 for "normal driving" (a mix of Highway and city). Once I changed to RP...
  12. BlackKnight

    It comes it half gallon size!!

    Sent from my Apple personal messaging system using WAYALIFE mobile app
  13. BlackKnight

    Landing in Vegas for DefCon in a couple hours

    I have the afternoon off. Anyone form the area that can give me pointers on what I should definitely see in the course of 6-8 hours after 1 pm? Bob Sent from my Apple personal messaging system using WAYALIFE mobile app
  14. BlackKnight

    Any World cup enthusiasts out there?

    That Brazil game yesterday was atrocious, Refs should have been shot. Actually now that I think about it, they were probably worried they would be shot and threw the game to Brazil to save their skins. Should have ended Croatia 2, Brazil 1. The penalty goal was on a non foul, even the...
  15. BlackKnight

    Rough Country products any Good?

    I'm thinking of picking up one of their Stubby front bumpers (Either the Hybrid or normal). Has anyone seen/used any of their stuff? Have any opinions on the Quality/craftsmanship? I've also considered going with the ORE 1/4 pounder but I loose my factory fogs and don't want the full stringer...
  16. BlackKnight

    Reason Internet security engineers have jobs...

    Just got pointed out to me at a demo of a product yesterday.. This is why security engineers like me have jobs (realtime mapping of international cyber attacks)...
  17. BlackKnight

    BlackKnight's Commando Build

    Well, I figured my build was going to be over the course of years. Though some of the bigger things will still likely be years, like: Junkyard custom dana 60s, 37s, 4inch lift. I'm starting a thread now as I have the bug. The bug that will only be controlled by my wife slapping me upside the...
  18. BlackKnight

    "Tagging" jeeps...

    Hey guys, In previous car clubs years ago, they made business card like tags with club info so they could hand them out when people approached about the car etc. Also they were used when we happened upon cars that were customized, to give them information about the club etc (placed in the...
  19. BlackKnight

    Subwoofer in the 13 JK

    what does it look like, where is it positioned? I don't remember seeing it on the build sheet, but I'm about to buy some floor liners and them have different ones for the rear based on Sub or not.. Anyone have any idea on where it's located? I'm assuming under one of the seats??
  20. BlackKnight

    Broke my Honey Cherry..

    Wife as a suprize handed me a bottle of American Honey to celebrate the new Jeep.. SWEET!! :rock:
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