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  1. Lperdue

    Factory Axle locker Sensor Released

    I went to the Dealership and pulled the part number and directions to install it. From what I can tell it seams that they finally made a sensor replacement for the axles. However, I don’t know anyone that has bought just the sensor as of yet.
  2. Lperdue

    Jeep JL/JT/JK Wheels and Tires.

    Clearing out space before the baby comes later this year. For sale is a set of five wheels and tire with 4000 miles and 95 percent of tread life. TPS sensors included for a Jeep JL or Gladiator. Please note this is a 5x5 or 5x127mm bolt pattern and has -10mm back spacing. The tires alone would...
  3. Lperdue

    Artec truss and cold welds

    I installed an article two years ago for and notice a few cold welds along some of the cast iron section (I guess it wasn’t properly heat when it was originally installed). Sooo since I’ll have the truck in the rack at eco next month for long arms I have two options a) have them grind down and...
  4. Lperdue

    Five Like new 40x13.50r17 Cooper STT Pro 1,100 (sold)

    Due to a changes in plans, I will have to delay the axle swap but my loss is someone else gain. Here is a set of five 40x13.50r17 Copper STT Pros. 4 tires 4,000 miles and one is brand new. They was manufactured spring of 2021. The tires currently have 1/16-1/8 of tread wear. They are normally...
  5. Lperdue

    Free wheels 5x5

    5 like new wheels (tires not included). 5x5 or 5x127mm bolt pattern (JK,JL,JT) Hub Centric 17x8.5 and 0mm offset (I believe) Will be removing from the Jeep later this month and will be available to whoever wants them (Local pick, or I can meet you near Las Vegas).
  6. Lperdue

    JT bed cover

    Going a different direction with my build. Up for grabs is a Mopar trifold tonneau cover. I will be pulling it off next week (hopefully), so if you interested let me know. (Local pick near Las Vegas NV)
  7. Lperdue

    JT swing case tool box

    Up for grabs for anyone willing to come and pick it up in or near Las Vegas NV Passenger side swing case for JT gladiator
  8. Lperdue

    D44 Ball Joint and Knuckle upgrade questions.

    Does anyone have experience or recommend with the Reid Racing Jeep JL/JT Heavy duty steering Knuckles? Also as for ball joints are Dynatrac's ball joints worth as much as they are asking or would you go with synergies instead? (Figured I might as well pull and replace the ball joints at the...
  9. Lperdue

    PSA about Lifting the JT Mojave

    Not sure if this is widely known yet but still wanted to make a thread about it. The JT Mojave has a built in 1 inch spacer lift that is apart of the hydraulic pump. When lifting the Mojave you need to take this into account if you want it to be level or not too tall up front. Below is a few...
  10. Lperdue

    JLO's JL

    2021 JLUR Current set up 3.5 lift and 37's Motobilt Front Bumper Warn VR 10s Nextventure Motorsports Rimrocker rear bumper LOD Rock Sliders Front and Rear diff skid Steer Smarts Track Bar Bestop NX Fastback Soft top Fender Chop DRLs Phase 2 MetalCloak Control arms (Had a deal on them we...
  11. Lperdue

    Working towards tons and 40's

    Just trying to get feedback on my current plan to eventually run 40's with UD60's, 5.38 gears and E-Lockers. What's been done so far: Suspension wise I'm running an EVO C/O fusion lift and upgrading to long arms this march. (Should note had to change spring rates to 300/350 jeep is a little on...
  12. Lperdue

    Perdue’s JT build

    Started my build on a Gator Green 2020 Jeep Gladiator two years ago. I normally do all of my own work minus welding and gear related. Phase 1: the basics EVO Stage 4 Plus with 4.5” springs 37x12.50r17 Cooper STT Pro ACE Rock sliders (limited options for JT’s at the time) Warn VR winch...
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