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  1. run2jeepn

    Bump steer issue

    Jeep was at the Shop over the weekend. Just swapped out axles. But I added a Rough Country Front Track Bar bracket, Right hand drive tierod. Drilled and sleeves the knuckle. No steering Stabilizer yet. Havent swapped it over yet. The front Track bar I have is a RE one, but its to long. It...
  2. run2jeepn

    Front JK Track Bar

    I got my new axles swapped in and a tierod flip kit installed. My Adjustable track bar won't go to stock length. So I need one that will work. Just need to get back on the road.
  3. run2jeepn

    Installing new Axles Gearing Question?

    2011 JKU I'm swapping in a new set of Axles, but waiting on some more parts for the front end. Going from 4.88 to 5.38 gears. The Rear axle is ready to swap out. Would I run into any issues just swapping the rear axle, if I pull the front drive shaft? And just swap the front out later...
  4. run2jeepn

    UD44 Plug - Need 2

    Looking for 2x UD44 Plugs for Rubicon Axles
  5. run2jeepn

    Rear Axle Backing plates

    The rear backing plates with E-Brake assembly for JKU
  6. run2jeepn

    Another New to us Jeep joined the Family

    Dads new LJ with a 383 Stroker, Full traction long arm, 1-tons and 40s.
  7. run2jeepn

    steering stabilizer mount for 1.5in

    WTB - steering stabilizer mount for 1.5in tierod.
  8. run2jeepn

    G2 Front Raised Track bar mount?

    Anyone running the G2 Front Raised track bar mount on their Rubicon? The Weld on. Thinking of buying one, but wanted to make sure it is the correct height for a Draglink flip. Using a RHD Draglink.
  9. run2jeepn

    WTB - Stock JK Knuckles - Wheel bearings - Dana 44 Covers

    Bought a used set of Rubicon axles and was told they had knuckles. Well they didn't and I sold mine with my Dana 30. Just looking for Stock ones or good deal on aftermarket ones. Also need Wheel Bearings and the bolts for those. Also looking for some Decent Aftermarket Dana 44 Diff Covers.
  10. run2jeepn

    Dana 30 Truss and RHD Drag link - NEW

    New Rough Country Dana 30 Truss - $75 New RHD Drag Link - $50 Plus Shipping Located in Missouri
  11. run2jeepn

    Jeep was Stolen

    Long story short. Jeep was Stolen while I was on vacation. It was brought back before I returned. Found out the guy who stole it took it bashed it though some fields for a couple of hours. Got home looked it over. Started it up ran rough for a few mins, once warmed up it seemed ok. It was...
  12. run2jeepn

    Torque Converter or Transmission?

    So I've been getting a Vibration "like rumble strips" Only happens once the transmission is warmed up over 80*. Also only happens around 40-60mph at low RPMS. 99% of the time is does in 4th gear at or below 2k RPMS. I called 2 Shops that are well known around here. 1st was a Transmission Shop...
  13. run2jeepn

    Installing drag link flip and track bar mount?

    My Jeep already has an adjustable track bar with a 4.5in lift. If I measured right its settled at 4in of lift. I'm about to order a RHD drag link, sleeve adapter and Track bar relocation bracket. What measurements do I need to get the track bar the correct length when reinstalling it?
  14. run2jeepn

    Building 4 link DIY

    These are on a 89 YJ with a 6.0L, Dana60/70, Atlas TC, 42in Pitbulls. Old pic
  15. run2jeepn

    Building 4 link

  16. run2jeepn

    Run2jeepn's JKU Build

    I've had a few Jeeps in the past, but it's been over 10yrs since I sold my YJ. All my past Jeeps I have built from stock. This is my first Jeep I bought with a modest amount of work done already. I have to change a few things and add a few things of course. But I have a Solid Start. My last Jeep...
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