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    Evo Rear Fascia with frame mounted AEV tire carrier?

    Hey guys, I found a deal on a NIB quarter pounder front and rear fascia with VKS D ring for $650. Will the rear fascia work with my AEV tire carrier? It mounts to the passenger frame and utilizes the hole Hard Rock and some other rear bumpers. Maybe I could cut a bit off the passenger side of...
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    “Active” member?

    Hey, was browsing the buy/sell/trade forum and noticed I couldn’t see photos. Does ‘Active’ mean an active user or is there a subscription? How do I subscribe if so? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Light Beadlocks?

    Hey all, my current non beadlock wheels weigh 42lbs (mfg advertised weight). I didn’t pay much attention to the wheel weight when I bought them but now that I’m at 37s the biggest thing deterring me from beadlocks was more weight. I can justify it if I’m bringing wheel weight down AND getting a...
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    4 Season half doors? Supertop Ultra?

    Hey guys, NC resident here. Like a lot of places the weather is pretty unpredictable. Taking the hardtop on and off is a bit of a chore and it leaves me SOL should it start to rain. The new Bestop Supertop seems pretty slick with how quickly you can fold it down and back up should the weather...
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    Eastern NC!

    Hey guys, Been a huge fan of the Wayalife videos since before I got my Jeep. I’ve seen all of the wheeling trip videos, especially to JKX ones several times each. Bad thing about Eastern NCIS it’s a good drive to get anywhere interesting as far as wheeling goes but such is life. Looking...
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    Sanity check please!

    Hey guys, I’m relatively new to wheeling and I wanted to come by and get the general consensus on what I do and do not need. I want to trim down my “need” list for wheeling and WOL seems like the most hardcore of the Jeep forums to get the most experienced advice. I’m currently running 37s on...
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