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  1. AllAmericanInfidel

    75TH Anniversary bumpers or aftermarket? Opinions wanted.

    So, I am trying to get at least the bumpers and sliders done before I ship BOHICA out. I have been eyeballing several different aftermarket combos including the MotoBilt bumpers, Poison Spyder, and EVO. I just got a lead on some 75th Annv bumpers. They are the same as the Rubicon Hard Rock...
  2. AllAmericanInfidel

    Mojave Sand: show off your Mojave Sand Jeeps here!

    Still mostly stock for the time being, but that will all change soon! Loving this color! And a close up. Darker than Sahara Tan and lighter than Dune.
  3. AllAmericanInfidel

    Wider HiLine fenders for JKU?

    I am curious, who has Hiline fenders on their JK/JKU that are wider than stock? I am going to keep my next build as low as functionally possible and have been considering the Mopar Hiline fenders, as they advertise a 35" tire with no lift and 37's with a 2" lift. I also see that Poison Spider...
  4. AllAmericanInfidel

    Rubicon Axles under JKU Sport Questions

    I have several questions for those who have put Rubicon axles under a Sport, or those who are in the know. If I choose to put Rubicon axles under a JKU Sport, what is needed to complete the swap? I am looking at the possibility of doing this, and the best I can tell I would need the axles...
  5. AllAmericanInfidel

    Fab Fours Grumper?

    While I love supporting American Businesses who make their products here in the U.S., Fab Fours has always been a little off beat for me. While searching for bumper options for my next build, this kept popping up. It is a bumper, grill, and winch mount combo. Not sure what to think of it...
  6. AllAmericanInfidel

    Project BOHICA: AllAmericanInfidel's Mojave Sand build

    Well, it looks like Ill be starting over again with a 2016 Mojave Sand JKU Sport S. I plan to build it a little different from my last build, but more on that later. About the name: I have had a history with Jeeps dating back almost 15 years. Not all of it has been fun, but in hindsight, all of...
  7. AllAmericanInfidel

    What would you do? *Unfixable JKU issue*

    So, a little background first. I own a 2014 JKU with factory half doors, which I ordered from Jeep and was delivered in February of 2014. I never had an issue with the Jeep, shy of an axle shaft failure from off-roading. A little while ago, I developed a small drip from the drivers side front...
  8. AllAmericanInfidel

    Dynatrac PR44 Track bar bracket and Trail 60 question

    So, I'm making plans for my rig and am currently pricing out options. My question is, if the Dynatrac PR44 is ordered with their raised track bar bracket, will a drag link flip still be needed? If so, would it be best to skip the Dynatrac bracket and just go with the EVO DL flip for the PR44...
  9. AllAmericanInfidel

    Ufc 194

    Just curious is anyone else caught UFC 194. The main card had all good matchups. Souza Vs Romero was a great fight, but it was not a night for the champs. Weidman got his ass kicked. One mistake and Rockhold took complete control. And how about that McGregor! 13 second knockout of the #1 ranked...
  10. AllAmericanInfidel

    Cobra 75WXST CB Installation

    Just a quick write-up for those of you considering the Cobra 75WXST CB. I ordered mine as a kit with coax cable and 4’ Firestick antenna from Northridge 4x4. You can find the package here: Admittedly, I worked my way...
  11. AllAmericanInfidel

    Rancho RS5000X Shock Review

    For those of you interested in this shock, I just posted up my review of them. You can find it by following the link below!
  12. AllAmericanInfidel

    Rancho RS5000X Shocks Review

    I would first like to thank Rancho and Wayalife for the opportunity to win these shocks. Yes, I won the shocks for free, but I will be giving an unbiased review based off what I have experienced with these shocks thus far. I am not the type to pull any punches, and this review will be no...
  13. AllAmericanInfidel

    Top 3 Rigs on WAYALIFE

    I know everyone has different tastes in rigs, the way they wheel, and the way they should be built. Interested to see what the members on here like. Post your top 3 members rigs from here on the forum. Ill go first. In no particular order: Brainchild's GORGEOUS Hemi monster! :daydream: (I...
  14. AllAmericanInfidel

    EVO PRO suspensions

    Just curious if anyone has seen these yet. Did a quick search and couldn't find anything. I think its great that they are now offering everything in one package. EVO Enforcer Pro...
  15. AllAmericanInfidel

    Extreme Terrain Illegally Selling Copyrighted JK Decals

    I was thumbing through the latest Extreme Terrain catalog And I saw something that looked strangely familiar to me. Looks like they are selling these as JK side accent decals. Not sure if its copyrighted or anything, but I'm pretty sure that's the Project JK logo.
  16. AllAmericanInfidel

    AllAmericanInfidel's JKU Build Thread -

    Figured I would make a build thread to document the build of my 2014 JK Unlimited 'Crystal'. Stock Specs: 2014 JKU Sport S Granite Crystal Metallic Auto 3.73 Gears Trac-Lok rear Differential Uconnect 430 Radio with Alpine Premium Sound System Mopar Slush Mats Connectivity Group Max Tow Package...
  17. AllAmericanInfidel

    Wayalife Decals

    Curious, is there any chance of getting something like this in the side decal size Eddie? I saw you had sweatshirts with the 'Wild West' logo, curious if there are any plans for decals? Also, any idea when the black windshield banners are going to be back in stock? Thanks.
  18. AllAmericanInfidel

    EVO MFG Rear Bumper Fascia

    I have a question for those of you who have installed or know what installing the EVO rear bumper fascia entails. Is it just bolt on, or are other modifications required? I know that in order for it to be flush, about 1/2 inch of frame horn would have to be trimmed, but not required. Anything...
  19. AllAmericanInfidel

    Which Front Bumper?

    Just looking for opinions and experiences with the bumpers I have pictured here. Curious if anyone has used them, what their experiences are with them, thoughts and opinions. Just FYI, this is going on this Sliders for sure will be either EVO Or VKS On to the bumper in question; I am...
  20. AllAmericanInfidel

    Moby spotted on YouTube

    I was going through different videos on YouTube and found this.
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