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  1. wjtstudios

    More ads than usual

    Is anyone getting more adds than usual on the mobile version. I’m now getting drop down adds from the top and pop ups on the bottom.
  2. wjtstudios

    Windrock October 9-11, 2020

    Well, it’s almost fall and time for the annual run to Windrock. We are looking at kicking the trail days off on Friday the 9th through Sunday the 11th. Unfortunately the cabins are all booked. We can look into getting a bunch of rooms in a hotel again like we did last year and probably eat at...
  3. wjtstudios

    Bison’s free stuff and parts for sale.

    Purging out the garage after the last build stage. Here are some of the take offs for sale or free. 4” EVO plush rides. $200 pending MORE ARB twin compressor mount. 12’+ Free, shipping on you JK innovations 2 door under seat compressor mount 12’+ Free, shipping on you ARB frig...
  4. wjtstudios

    East Meets West: Moab and Ouray August 1-9, 2020

    The adventure is here! As we speak, Jeeps are heading towards Moab and this Epic Trip has begun. I want to move all new posts and pictures for trip onto this thread verses the planning thread. This will have all of the current information so that way there is no confusion. When: July 31st...
  5. wjtstudios

    Detroit 4 Fest September 12, 2020

    For those that would like to go, Holly Oaks ORV park in Holly Michigan opens up for this weekend event every year. A couple of us are going to be there Saturday. The park is still not open to the public after a couple of years of bureaucracy at the state level. If you want to get a chance to...
  6. wjtstudios

    37s on LJ Rubicon Axles

    My neighbor’s Orange LJ that some you guys know, wants to put 37s under it. He’s still running the stock 44 axles with 4:10 gears. He just put a Currie/Rancho 4” lift under it and has the mopar high clearance fenders and 1.5” spacers. We where heading north to test the new suspension when his...
  7. wjtstudios

    Fusion 4x4 60/44 hybrid front and SF 60 Rear with Pro Grips and spare rear 60 shafts.

    Finally getting these axles up for sale. These are setup with 5x5 hubs for a direct swap onto a stock JK or JKU. I ran 37s on them for 18 months and had no issues. The specs are below. They have about 35k on them. Other than some rock rash on the bottom of the diffs, both axles are in great...
  8. wjtstudios

    Happy Easter!!

    Happy Easter Wayalife Family! In these unique days, I hope everyone stays safe and healthy. Have a awesome Easter with your families! 2015 JKUR AEV JK350 1985 CJ8 Scrambler
  9. wjtstudios

    JL EVO tire carrier gap

    I helped a friend of mine install his EVO carrier today, and where the mounts go through the body, it leaves large gaps. Am I missing something, or is this the way EVO intended it to be. It seems like a lot of water and debris will get into those gaps 2015 JKUR AEV JK350 1985 CJ8 Scrambler
  10. wjtstudios

    Happy Birthday Nbunga!!

    Happy Birthday Andy!! Hope you have another amazing year!! 2015 JKUR AEV JK350 1985 CJ8 Scrambler
  11. wjtstudios

    The building of Bison

    Should have done this years ago, but now with another major phase underway it is time. Quick back story: The Jeep started out as a 2015 JLUR and when straight to AEV for their JK350 package. Dropping it off at AEV Right after I picked it up from AEV They did a great job and the quality...
  12. wjtstudios

    Radiator fluid level going down and trans fluid level going up

    I’ve been battling this for a number of months. My trans was running hot most of the summer to the point where it boiled out of the dip stick hole. I had been checking the fluid level, which was high but didn’t pay any attention to it since the dealership did the fluid swap. After it boiled over...
  13. wjtstudios

    Free OEM front lights.

    Off my 2015 JKUR, all work. Head lights Front turn signals Fog lights Free pick up or I will ship them your way at your cost. 2015 JKUR AEV JK350 1985 CJ8 Scrambler
  14. wjtstudios

    EAST Meets WEST: August 2020 Moab/Telluride Planning Thread

    Since Drummond in August of this year, it has been an on going discussion of getting as many of the Eastern Jeeps together and head west and meet up with as many of the Western Jeeps as we can get together in Moab and Telluride. Meeting some of the most genuine people I've had the pleasure of...
  15. wjtstudios

    My Ram kept me safe

    I was hit head on by a drunk driver in Grayling, Mi. last night around 10 on my way back from the Planning Commission hearing down near Detroit heading back to Traverse City where my family and I were on vacation for the week. I'm alright, just really sore and shook up. The lady in the car had...
  16. wjtstudios

    Heading to Taos Jeepless

    It’s been one of my wife’s dreams to travel to Taos and in June we are going head there for her birthday, so spending a couple days in a Jeep each way to drive there or me picking her up at the other end isn’t an option. We’re staying at El Monte Sagrado north of town and I’ll be renting a Jeep...
  17. wjtstudios

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter Everyone! For those returning from EJS, safe travels home! Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  18. wjtstudios

    Factory 2.5” bypass on JT?

    Saw this at HD. I’ve heard rumors that Fox Shocks were getting involved with Jeep. This JT with manufacture plates was sporting a set of what looks like 2.5” fox bypass shocks blacked out. Pretty crazy where the the front reservoir up under the front skid plate. Sent from my iPhone using...
  19. wjtstudios

    First Gladiator Rolled off production line

    The first Gladiator was rolled off the production line today! Who ordered the Billet Silver one??
  20. wjtstudios

    ARB twin compressor not generating pressure

    Last week at the badlands, I lost pressure coming out of the compressor but it was still running. Finally had a chance to pull it and open it up today and found both bolts that hold the pistons to the motors sheared off with half the bolt imbedded in the motor. You can see the loose bolts thru...
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