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  1. sunnysideup

    Sunnyside's Gladiator build begins...

    I sold the 2007 JK that I built over 12 years. I bought it for 17,000 used with 8500 miles on it and sold it for 17,500 with 172,000 miles on it. I had about 11 grand into extras on it... but I bought many parts used, and built and modified parts to make it all work. It was still running great...
  2. sunnysideup

    Pumkin ordered today!

    Got the call- dealer said it was open to order, and now comes the waiting! Ordered a Pumpkin sport with heavy duty towing package, large battery and extra switches, bed liner, hard top and tinted windows! 8 to 12 weeks out...
  3. sunnysideup

    Adams front 1310 yokes

    I ended up with two brand new Adams driveshaft yokes, one for the front axle -and the other for the transfer case on a JKU. ( I think it would work fine on a jk as well) If you are going to switch from the factory front to an aftermarket shaft, these will be needed to complete that job. I...
  4. sunnysideup

    A Montana wave!

    I'll wave! From central Montana, close to the beartooth mountain range! :bleh:
  5. sunnysideup

    White Rim Trail video We had a family reunion in May in Moab this year, we spent two days on the White Rim Trail, this is a video trying to capture the beauty of that trail... Enjoy!
  6. sunnysideup

    A Montana Wave...

    Been wheeling here in Montana all my life... not any place I've ever been that I've liked better!
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