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  2. Brute

    Desert Storm...

    I have a VIN...
  3. Brute

    NFL 2021

    Season opener tonight as the Cowboys try to upset the defending Super Bowl champs… Heading to LV to watch my Raiders play the Ravens for MNF …
  4. Brute

    ‘78 J10

    My friend is restoring a J truck...
  5. Brute

    NFL 2021

    The 2021 NFL season is to be announced in a few hours...they have already released the 1st weeks games, which includes a home opener at Allegiant Stadium as the Ravens play the Raiders...can't wait to sit in our seats in the new stadium. GO RAIDERS!
  6. Brute

    NFL Draft 2021

    The draft begins in a couple hours...should get interesting about the third pick...but with the news that Aaron Rodgers announced to GB that he is not returning to the team, I think there will be some early pick trades to get him...
  7. Brute

    For Sale...Modified '16 JKU with Hellcat

    Well, decided it's time to move on from the JK6... Only 22,000 miles, and no burnouts...
  8. Brute

    Mecum Auto Auction

    Has anyone here have any experience with bidding at the Mecum Auto Auction?
  9. Brute

    March Madness '21's been a strange year for sports, and the upcoming tournament is no exception. I would not have thought that Kentucky, Duke and Syracuse would not be in it...
  10. Brute

    Burnout Thread...

    Ok...resistance is futile... I will post a burnout vid...soon. Please feel free to post your own in the meantime...not that I would condone juvenile, possibly illegal activity...
  11. Brute

    Nfl 2020

    The Hawks-Patriots game last night was a great game...Go Hawks! I thought the Chiefs were going to lose to the Bolts, but with Mahomes, they are never out of the game...dammit And tonight is the first game in Allegiant Stadium...of course my season tics are useless...Go Raiders!
  12. Brute

    Cfb 2020

    It’s gonna be a strange season... Cuse beating Pitt At the moment...
  13. Brute

    Bubble NBA Playoffs

    Celtics up two zip against the Raptors...rooting for the clover leaf...
  14. Brute

    Nfl 2020

    Well, the NFL draft will not have any public attendees in Las Vegas later this April...I'm bummed because I look forward to hearing the boos for commissioner Roger Goodell every time he takes the podium. The free agency market is heating up now though...
  15. Brute

    Cargo mat

    I have a like new AEV cargo mat for a’s in WA, near Seattle now I could bring it to NV near LV...not exactly free, but six beers covers it...
  16. Brute

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone...

  17. Brute

    The Big Ku

    Packed and catching a flight in the morning to Anchorage...spending the night, then a float plane to the Big Ku Lodge the following morning. The Big Ku Lodge is in the Katmai National Preserve on the Kukaklek River. In the last week of July through the first week of August, tens of thousands of...
  18. Brute

    Rear Wheel Bearing noise?

    I've got a noise that sounds like it's coming from my rear passenger side...rear wheel bearing? It's an intermittent sound...and only seems to occur after driving for awhile after it heats up...this happening on my 2015 Anvil JKUR...PR 60 semifloat… Recently had all four rotors replaced, fairly...
  19. Brute

    Dynatrac Hellcat 2 Door Gladiator!

    Ok...I just watched a you tube clip of Tony from Dynatrac cutting up a brand new Gladiator Frame to shorten the wheelbase to 118”-120” to make a two door truck...and they were dropping in a Hellcat Hemi into it... Holy Shit Batman...
  20. Brute

    Winter Is Coming

    Game of Thrones last season premiere is this Sunday the 14th...
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