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    What did Brown Santa show up with today..

    FedEx guy can't read! But I got my new JKU rear seat in. Now once the bed is done I can cut my 2dr up so this will fit! I'll start a build thread soon.
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    Wanted painted jk flares

    Looking for a set of painted jk fender flares. Billet silver would be best but any color will do.
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    Labor Day weekend trip to Hotsprings ORV park

    We packed up and headed out Saturday morning for the ORV Park. Trip went great and other than a little body damage we had no problems.
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    EPIC Campsites : Let's See Yours!!

    Silverton Colorado . Hard to see in the pic but the river is right behind the tent.
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    Hotsprings day trip!!!

    talked my parents into bringing their new jeep out!
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    Hotsprings day trip!!!

    Headed to hotsprings ORV park for the day if anyone wants to join us!! Kind of a spur of the moment decision!!!
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    Jeep dogs!!!

    He is mad that he is having to ride in the back!
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    Where to stay in Ouray and Telluride

    If planning to camp check out Silverton Lakes camp ground. It's right outside of town and a great camp ground with nice bathrooms and showers. Can also camp right next to the river.
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    Lets see all 2 doors !!!

    My 2015
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    It's official I'm never going in Mud again!

    This was Saturday.... I've washed it twice and still haven't gotten it all off... It's sand and it keeps coming out of every crack and crevice!!
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    Tire choice

    Just thought I'd post an update on the 37" Mickey Thompson MTZ P3's. I've been running them for about a month now and I love them! When Comparing them to the 35" trail grapplers. Both have their pros and cons. Trail grapplers balanced easier and seem to hook up a little better on the rocks...
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    SHOW us the SNOW!!

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    What did Brown Santa show up with today..

    Genright JK tank!!
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    What did Brown Santa show up with today..

    Rightline Gear window roll and roll bar bags!!! Just in time for EJS!!
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    Hot Springs ORV Park April 8-10

    getting the jeep ready!!
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    What was done to your rig this week?

    Poison spyder trail cage going in. 37 mickey Thompson MTZ p3's 1350 JE REEL driveshafts RCV front axles Waiting for the brown clown to drop off my genright tank and Currie antirock rear swaybar
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    Hot Springs ORV Park April 8-10

    This is the only pics I took all weekend.... We didn't stop much and when we did we were doing trail repairs. I forgot to get a GoPro from work so no vids either[emoji30]
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    Hot Springs ORV Park April 8-10

    Yes rain plays a huge role in the trail condition. You can basically bump up the level one notch! So a 3 is a 4 and a 4 is a 5 and so on. This was the trail condition when I was there in November. It rained nonstop the whole weekend. I don't think I've ever been there with this much water...
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    Hotsprings ORV park Feb 6-7

    Heading to Hotsprings ORV park the weekend of Feb 6th of anyone would like to join us. The more the merrier!!
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